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Lessons for men?

Just wondering if you all could give me an important lessons on what a "man" should be?The reason why I asked this is because my father never raised me and just want to make sure I got everything down.

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    Halo sorry you missed a father figure growing up. One important thing to know (for a man or woman) is accepting responsibility for your actions (& sometimes your inactions:-).

    Just be able to apologize when you are wrong. This quality is essential in many situations (especially relationships). Good luck...

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    kamikazi is right. Just be there for your kids like your father never was. My father was never around and i grew up being abused by my mother and step father.

    If you don't have kids yet, make sure you do one day. They love you unconditionally.

    In the meantime be strong and true to who you are. Be nice to women. Stay away from drugs. Drink in moderation, but above all, understand that you are a better person than your father.

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    Just always be a gentleman too the girls! stay in school. do well for yourself! when your older, your think back and say wow I can't believe I ever asked this question! Dude it's all good!

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    a friend his kids can always talk to....everything else will follow

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