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Has anyone noticed the prices of used hondas/toyotas/etc have gone up?

I bought a used 4cyl honda and 4cyl subaru before gas prices went high and noticed they are selling for as much or more than what I paid for them.

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    What you are describing is an alarming new phenomena we are seeing across the nation especially in those cases where the item in question costs more than .01.

    It used to be that consumers could expect to see prices fall each year. In fact most of us have been expecting most things to become free within a few short months. I wonder if this is the beginning of the end.

  • Jules
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    This is in direct response to the rise in gas prices. People are finally waking up to the fact that we're in trouble & economy is the way to go.

    SUV sales & prices have dropped like a lead weight; smaller, more fuel efficient cars are now more valuable.

    I love it! My little 1990 GEO Prism is worth as much as when we bought it used 4 years ago!! That's after 50-60k miles added.

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    Good observation, but incomplete. Small cars whether domestic or foreign have become pricier with the rise in fuel costs. Between that and the myth of so-called global warming, more efficient vehicles are in demand .

  • ed
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    Demand for smaller, more efficient autos.

    By the same token, large gas eaters should be DOWN.

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    Yeah what do you expect, there japanese cars. japanese cars are built for reliability and economy and this brain dead world is just waking up to the truth of Global Warming.

    Source(s): I love Al Gore.
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    No, I didn't notice that. Woah, you really do learn something new everyday.

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