How to get rid of warts?

I've had multiple warts on my finger and bottom of my foot for years. I still can't seem to get rid of them. And, nobody really seems to know a lot about them enough to treat them. I've been told by people that the warts wont go away because my immune system isn't good. How can I make it better? I've started to put salycic acid on the warts and it seems to be drying them out, cracking them and peeling off the layers, but after about 2 weeks they aren't getting any smaller. I've also heard that different supplements will help to get rid of a wart. If so, what ones? I've tried getting the doctor to freeze them off multiple times, but that didn't help. What/where exactly do warts come from? Will I ever be able to get rid of it myself, or should I wait patiently until it goes away by itself? I've been wearing a bandaid for like 2 years straight and it's getting on my nerves.

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    warts are benign skin that can occur singly or in clusters they are caused by various strains of the fiendish papilloma virus.It masterfully tricks the body into providing it with free room and board medically known as wart proper. here are some ideas that work. Use Castor oil apply plain Castor oil on the warts twice Ada then tape it up with first aid tape. You may want to use a OTC medication that has salicylic acid preparation. the salicylic acid is suppose to soften and help them dissolve or you can use an old fashion remedy 1. use the milky juice of an unripe fig to the wart 2. take garlic capsules or tablets 3. soak lemon slices in some apple cider with a little salt.Let stand for two weeks.then rub lemon slices on the wart. 4. rub with a piece of chalk or raw potato. hope this was some help for you. for your feet warts love moisture so keep your feet dry change socks three times a day and make sure you use a medicated foot powder like zeaboard frequently as possible. Clorox bleach sometimes works too for the feet or hands

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    Put a piece of banana peel on it with a bandaid b4 you go to bed the morning the wart will be covered with a white substance so peel that off then repeat the next night

    I had a big wart on my foot and it was gone in a week by doing this

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    Warts that are Viruses may stick around forever. My dermatologist has said that some like the one on my palm cannot be removed and there is no effective treatment.

    Good luck with the ones you have.

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