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what is the new helmet called and body armour?

is there a web sight that gives info about this as well as other personal kit and about the acus?

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    by ACU's I am assuming you are talking about the Army.

    Helmet: ACH "Advanced Combat Helmet"

    Body Armor: IBA (Interceptor Body Armor) with ESAPI plates (Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert) and DAP's (Deltoid and Axillary Protectors)

    Pictures and info at below link

    Google search it

    I wore it for 17 months strait and never want to see an IBA ever again. With the new plates it was heavy, my neck still hurts. pretty warm to wear in Iraq as well. All I know is that they kept adding and adding to it, and it doubled in weight when I was there. Esspecially with a 9mm, ammo, 5.56 ammo, and all the other attachments and equiptment.

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    Anything that you hear about that is "new" could be really old. You need to make sure to check out the date on the website. A few years ago, the current system, the Interceptor, was new. Now this Dragon skin was supposed to be the top of the line but when tested in desert conditions, the armor became a useless piece of crap. There are a lot of these so called "future soldier" programs that have all kinds of crazy technolgoy crammed into them. But you won't see things like this till around the year 2050. Thats all i can think of thats really new.

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    well the newest i wore was ach, really comfy, and iba which blew balls.

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    are you talking about dragon skin?

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