how are power thinking and critical thinking different?

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    I'm not so sure you are asking a serious question, but here are my answers:

    Power thinking is kind of like this:


    V = Volts (potential energy) (outlet voltage standards:

    A = Amperage or Amps (electric current)

    VA = Volt-Ampere (apparent power)

    PF = Power Factor (ratio of real power to apparent power) [number between 0 and 1]

    W = Watts (active or real power)

    And Some useful functions:

    V = VA / A

    A = VA / V

    VA = V x A or VA = W / PF

    PF = W / VA

    W = VA x PF

    And an interesting way to look at this entire span of relationships:

    V x A --> VA x PF --> W

    or backwards

    W / PF --> VA / V --> A (typically you already know the Volts; like outlets in USA are 120V or batteries have their indicated Volts on them)

    Example (My PC when Idling):

    (119V x 2.25A = 268VA) x 0.66PF = 177W (actual math: V * A * PF = W)


    (177W / 0.66PF = 268VA) / 119V = 2.25A (actual math: (W / PF) / V = A)

    For further information... check out these terms on

    Hope this is of use to some people.

    Critical Thinking is like this:

    Someone holds a gun to your head and asks you questions and if you answer them wrong, your done for. If that ain't critical thinking then I don't know what is?

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