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How do I create formula in Microsoft Access?

I am trying to create a formula in Access but have no clue how to do it! I have two fields Unit Price and Quantity. I want to create a field which will give a total. What formula would I have to use in this field?

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    in query design mode, select the table where you have the price and quantity. In any column, type this in "Field" :


    Of cource, if those field names are different in your table, make sure it is reflected in the brackets.

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    I have not used Access for quite some time, but basically, it would work like this.

    You would need a Table entry field to hold the result. Add that to your table. You would create a Query based on the table your data is in. Create a query in design view. Drag each of the three fields to a query field. In the Criteria field under your 'result' field enter = Unit Price * Quantity. Then create a Report based on that Query.

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