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lesson plan or ideas for tap and jazz class ages 4-7?

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    Do they already know the rules of the studio? Like, not swinging on the doors, no tapping if your talking etc? If they don't, you need to lay down some rules and make sure that they understand them.

    They also need to know that at the end of the class you will say "Thank you class" and they will respond "Thank you Miss. Kim"

    Start off with Jazz first and go through a quick warm up, then teach them a basic routine (no point going to corner since they wouldn't know any turns/jumps). Change shoes, do a tap warm up and do some steps from the corner.

    I hope this helps :)

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    Have them all sit in a circle. have them take turns (go in the order of the circle). They get to stand up and show the rest of the class a dance step and the rest of the class has to try to guess what the step is called.

    To help them with their jumps, have them jump over objects on the floor.

    To help them hold first position, have them hold a beach ball in front of them while dancing.

    Do fun stretches like butterflies and stradles.

    Good luck and hope this helps!!!

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    My favorite thing is to play Mother May I using dance steps. The children LOVE it and beg to play it. It also encourages them to practice the steps, they learn the names of steps, and playing that game encourages them to take big steps that will help get them across the stage during performance.

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    i suggest fun games. at that age, it's hard to teach good techneque. try teaching them manners, feet and arm positions, and how to greet/say good-bye at the end of class. some fun games like 'point your toes in the pond' or something...see who can point their toes the longest. stuff like that. just keep it light, and fun.

    have a nice day!!

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    get them to all sit in a circle and teach them some cute and easy nursery rhymes with cute easy dance moves to go along with it. like, my little class that i teach, i taught them humpty dumpty, little miss muffet, hickory dickory, and my favorite... the itsy bitsy spider. i kind of changed it though. they sit down with both feet in front of them and say, "the itsy bitsy spider crawled down to my pointed toes (stretch down to their toes). then he crawled up to my nose (plugging their nose while singing)." sounds silly, but they love it!!!!!

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