Delete computer files when you system can't find them?

I have the home edition of Windows Xp. I have this folder on my computer full of documents that I don't use anymore but I am unable to delete them for some reason, when I try to do anything (ie open, delete, rename etc....) I get an error message saying that it can not be done because the "source file or disk can not be read". The size of each file is 0KB, and orignally the files where attached to e-mails, that I don't have anymore either. The files are named things like CA14AXLF. How can I get rid of these files? thanks:)

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    It is just temporary files, and I think that you should be able to open an attachment, go to Save As, Select "All Files" at the bottom, And delete everything there.

    Otherwise, it sounds like you may want to re-install Windows from a "System Recovery"

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    Good registry cleaners have a way to restore the changes you made. Try that and see if it helps.

    ccleaner is a good one

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