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tap dance shoes?

I'm thinking of getting into tape in the fall and was wondering what brand of tape shoes are the best?



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    I take Tap classes, and I personally Love Capezio

    but if you're looking for something with more support, Bloch is a good way to go.

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    I personally loved capezio. I felt that they really had a good sound and feel to them. Definitely try on a few different brands and try them out. It's important that they're comfortable because if they don't fit right, tricks like toe stands could be difficult. Get the opinion of your dance teacher as well, he/she will have some good pointers. Hope that helped! You'll love tap. It was my favorite! Sooo much fun! Good luck! :)

    Source(s): Tapper for 15 years
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    Bloch is a really good shoe for beginners. There are lots of different styles that you can choose from.

    Go to your local dancewear shop and try on as many pairs as possible :)

    Since your just starting out, don't get a really high heel like this:

    Something like this:

    or this is ideal:

    I hope this helps :)

    Source(s): Tapper for 12+ years.
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    I love bloch and capezio. I have capezio 3 screwed shoes and the found perfectly fine.

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    Bloch are the best for beginners in my opinon that is what I started with and they lasted me a while!!!!

    Source(s): I have been taking tap for 10 years
  • Personally i love bloch, and it would probably be better for a begginer.

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    definitely capezio!! but DO NOT get 3 screwed shoes because they dont have sound boards under the taps and it sounds like sh-it. get the one screwed capezio shoes!!!!

    Source(s): im on my 11th year of tap ;-)
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    one screws are always the best they make louder sharper sounds are waaaaaaaay better than 3 screws personally i like capezio the best

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    bloch was always my favorite

    Source(s): i took tap for 8 years
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