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question for the jo bros?

tomorrow they are going to be on MuchOnDemand(it's like TRL but in canada) and i want to send in a question BUT i don't know what to ask. Anybody have any questions i should ask ?

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    lol ask them whatever you want it will probably be the only time you get to but just please dont ask them to marry you it seems like it would get old to them being asked to marry dont you think?i mean their is only goin to be three girls that marry them and it probably wont be them

    and to the idiot above me only real men can starighten their hair im sure they are very comfortable with their sexuality!!!probably unlike you its ok to be gay just come on out with it . its not very atractive to hide it!

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    Are they on yahoo answers? lol

  • 1 decade ago

    don't they find it girly that they straighten their hair alot?

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