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pre-jazz exercises and tap steps to teach? ages 4-7.?

i have used every jazz exercise and tap step i have with these kids, don't want them getting bored.

anyone? :)

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    I'm sure you haven't used all of them :P Make sure that they're perfect at all of the steps you've taught and if they are then make it harder.


    Ball and Toe hits, Front slaps, Shuffles, Digs and if they're up to it Front slap ball changes. And short little combinations like:

    Forward hit (1), ball hit (2), backward hit (3), toe hit (4), shuffle (5,6) a quicker shuffle (&7), ball change (&8). Thats all on one foot.

    Start this on the right foot. Stamp, toe hit (behind L leg), stamp clap. Change feet. Stamp, toe hit (behind R leg), stamp clap. Then repeat that step without claps and then once you've done it on both legs then do two claps.

    Another popular one is:

    R stamp, L stamp then step back on R L. But on the stamps say LOUD LOUD and on the steps quiet quiet.


    Gallops, skips, knee bops, step together step clap lol, escape bobs, box step, drag step step.

    I hope this helps :)

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    pre jazz exercises like maybe simple phi-bit turns and ball changes and lots of stretching if these kids want to be good at jazz they need to be flexible. In tap do shuffles digs step touches and a cool one my dance teacher likes is where they go down into something like a push up position and then come back up right away!

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