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why dont guys i know show intrest?

Please let me know why guys arent that intrested

my physical description: 5' 10", mulatto, brown eyes & long hair, slim & toned. Dresses: jean skirts with tank tops & sweaters, etc. (h&m, abercrombie)

funny, nice, & im confident but not cocky. ive been modeling for 2 years now & have been sucessful & have danced for 9 years.

gererally old guys i know show lotts of intrest but not the guys even close to my age or the ones i want?


i am 14 years old. 15 in a month.

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    They are interested, but you are inaccessible.

    You are successful and beautiful. You have reached your goals by years of hard work, which has made you much more mature and responsible than most of your age. Older boys show you respect, for many you are probably close to a celebrity. How can a 14-15 year old boy have any hope of success with you?

    There are definitely boys around that are interested and interesting, but they may be too insecure. So you have to find him and invite him. Look at him, and make sure he notices. Show him respect as an interesting human being. Respond positively to his signals. Behave respectfully to all boys when he is around, especially towards the less confident ones. Say something positive about him when he or his friends can hear it.

    Your status will give you many advantages, but at present it causes some distance. Learn to live with it and to handle it. Don't be too impatient, and don't allow yourself to end up as some boys "trophy".

    Allow yourself to be weak, but don't forget to be strong. I know this sounds like a contradiction, but if you understand what I mean, and manage to do it, you have the best chances of finding nice boys without loosing yourself.

    Have fun! Find love. But don't forget you have many wonderful years ahead of you.

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    it would desire to be relating on your physique language and the form you act around others. human beings certainly gravitate in the direction of satisfied human beings, so once you're smiling and guffawing plenty then which will help. physique language is substantial too; crossing your palms is frequently considered as being closed off and discourages verbal substitute, so attempt to no longer try this. different than for that, in basic terms be your self. you desire a guy who appreciates you for YOU, somewhat than purely on your looks. additionally, no longer something is faulty with you, i'm effective the adult men are in basic terms being dicks or some thing. don't be concerned, the only individual who incredibly concerns is the guy who you eventually finally end up spending your existence with, the remainder of them are in basic terms fillers. reliable success :)

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    Guys your age are immature. They rather play video games.

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