Death Note?

I just wached the last ep of Death Note. I cant beleave Light lost. If I wher him I would have got the outher guy to use a page that was taken out of the death note befor he made the fake and got him to use that insted of the note book just in case near knew about the fake I think that would have worked what do you think.

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    Umm, since this isn't really a question and I don't have to think of the answers and post it XD I'd like to give you people a suggestion

    If you wanted to see a different ending you should watch the live-action Death Note film (japanese version) I'm not sure if they got the subs, but I got the original DVD and it's subs.

    However, they also change a bit of the plot and the storyline of the movie. So, don't say I don't warn ya...and this story only shows L vs Kira. There's no Near, Mello, Mikami Teru etc in the movie. BUT! They have Takada character on the movie. I don't want to spoil the detail because it'll ruin you.

    If you'd like to see a different ending, you must watch the movie. They're also planning to re-make this film into US though.

    Another one I'd like to point. There are only 3 Death Note movie

    1. Death Note (self-titled)

    2. Death Note - The Last Name

    3. L- Change The World (only based on L character and was based on the second movie)

    Here's L in the movie! Looks real right?

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    Light did have a hidden note. He just didn't think he'd need to use it. Light underestimated Near, although in the end it was also his follower's mistake that gave him away.

    Both together caused Light's downfall.

    Near and Mello together, according to Near, surpassed L.

    As L lost, and they won, one can only assume that is true.

    Even after L's defeat, he still was chained against him.

    Also, his "It's my win, Near" was the confession that gave it all away. He thought he had won.

    I don't think getting a separate page of the notebook would have worked- they were no doubt tracking L's follower and would notice suspicious behavior. He wasn't exactly discreet, and he was doing that on purpose- to lure attention away from the news reporter. (Forgot the names, sorry)

    In the end, Light had a foolproof plan with a fool to back it up.

    Therefore, he lost.

    I'm happy Near won. I like Near. He's like L, only... a child version.

    Probably a lot of mistakes in my description, but the point is this: Light thought he had already won, so he let his guard down and gave everything away.

    Really, there are too many factors to take into mind. I'd have to study the whole anime and track each group's tabs on the other to find out if Light could have possibly won.

    It was neck-and-neck, that's for sure.

    To the other person:

    And the whole point of the anime was that Kira was not Justice- it had gone beyond Justice and had simply turned the world into a place run by fear.

    If you remember the felon begging for them not to put their name in the database- that isn't justice. Even people who commit slight crimes would eventually be put down, and if Light had won, he most likely would make the president write down more rules- and when people broke them, innocent lives would be lost due to that "Justice."

    The point they were trying to make is humans are not fit to play god. Our emotions and pride get in the way far too often.

    If anyone were to play god well, it would be a strategist, like L or Near. But then again, neither of them were the main character, now were they?

    Also, if you noticed how corrupted Kira became throughout the series- he used human lives like pawns in his plan, and never once thought about anything but his goal to be on top.

    That also is not Justice.

    The final scene where he screams at Matsuda (Only name I really remember of the other characters) really shows what Light had really become.

    Can anyone call THAT Justice?

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    I knew he was going to lose because it would make more sense for a conclusion of the series since he already won against L, the second season would be pointless if he was going to win again. I love the last episode though I wish they kept the original manga ending.

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    Since he knew most of that was going to happen, except for the part about the fake, he should've just had mikami use a fake notebook and write down Light's name and everyone elses name except for Near. everyone would be suspicious of Near and it would've bought light some time

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    All I know is I'm sad L died and I'm against Light.

    You really thought the bad guy would win?

    Either the good guy lost and the bad guy lost too or the good guy won and the bad guy lost ... come on, that was obvious in Death Note

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    1 decade ago

    Don't get me wrong because I love Death Note...but I think that Light was a manipulative *******!!! And I was kinda relieved that he lost!! Ha ha! That what you get for killing L(he was one of my favorites)

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    it couldn't be helped , yagami's brain was against three huge minds , not only one , vs L , vs , N and vs M , even Melo had to sacrifice him self to defeat Kira , I was upset about that too , i liked Kira to win , but thinking it better , all was against him , 3 big brains & traitors among his team , what would you expect !!

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    1 decade ago

    I also think that when he said that he won already but he didn't he should've waited for it..I got so mad..I thought he won!!

    I kind of cried though =/

    I know my fav character died

    but KIRA is JUSTICE

    okey he aint justice...

  • 1 decade ago

    I was pissed Light lost! =[

    Kira is Kami!

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