Can someone tell me what the problem is with my 2001 VW Passat?

My 2001 Passat is doing something weird. When driving around at speeds of 80 km per hour or less, the temperature stays at 90 degrees Celcius, which is right in the middle of the guage. Anything 90 km per hour or over, the guage jumps to 130 degrees (redlie). Then I get the stop alarm with the temperature signal flashing.. When I slow down to 80 or less, the guage immediately drops back down to 90. I''m thinking this is a sensor or something. Any help would be great. Thanks!


Edit: Coolant for the engine is right where it should be when I check it in the tank when the engine is cold...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If the Engine is getting hot at high speeds but not at lower speeds, that is an indication of a partially plugged radiator.

    I recommend you have it checked.

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    You water temp sensor is REALLY cheap (like less than $15 at the dealer). Try swapping it out.

    You don't even need a tool (maybe a long nose plier).


    I own a 2000 Audi A4 and we share the same engine. I has similar problem and it was the water temp sensor. Now 30K miles later on the new temp sensor, it is still working great.

    This article will give you some ideas where to start.

    Good Luck...

    P.S. Remember your car and the Audi shares the same engine platform.

  • 1 decade ago

    try checking if you have any engine coolant..

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