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Whats wrong with me?

first off i can not go see a doctor AT ALL so please dont say go see a doctor. I dont have my medicare card needed so that they would even let me in the office. im not throwing up, i dont have diarrhea or anything like that. i have pains EVERYWHERE this is the second day now, and i would cry if that didnt hurt to. i didnt sleep cause it hurt to much. its so sensitive my mom brushed my arm last night and THAT hurt. the hairs on my har hurt, seriously, everything the achs you get when you have the flu. which i dont, my stomach feels fine. i dont have a fever, please someone tell me whats wrong with me and what can i do to make it better, i start a new job tomorrow morning and i really cant call in sick

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    im not doctor but i have had that. and it was from food poisoning once and another time from a bad alergic reaction. try taking some benedril. over the counter stuff. as well buy some vitamin c tablets. cheap. and eat them like mints.

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    sounds like you may be getting the flu. Buy some thera flu from the pharmacy take it and stay in bed all day. The thera flu strips work best and don't taste nasty like the stuff you make a tea out of.

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