Are we at all certain that Israel's 'trial run' (Iran) wasn't a ruse? that rising oil prices ??


aren't playing a significant role in a 'reason' to attack Iran, rather than Iran's perceived 'nuke program?

So Israel flexes its muscles. But who will wind up losing more lives and using more military equipment than the United States?

Do you trust Israel? Do you really?

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    Israel worries about Israel...they don't sit around worrying about what happens to the is not in the best interest of the US for anyone to attack Iran...the Iranians might have the ability to mutually destroy the Israelis and themselves, but ...if Iran used nukes, Iran would cease to exist and they know that...Iran does not have the technology or the capacity to destroy the US and Israel in a 1st strike, but the US and Israel do....if Israel attacks Iran without serious and prolonged efforts to achieve agreement, it is really about the hatred they have for Arabs in general and not the fact of sabre rattling by Iran.....if oil flow is disrupted by a war with Iran, we would certainly "enjoy" a economic downturn like the depression of the 30's....and you know what happened after 1939..WW2....the world leaders have to find reasons to agree

    Source(s): I am not anti-Israel...I believe we have to protect Israel's right to exist...but I would stop short of making Israel equal to Minnesota...Israel is not the 51st state
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    Are we at all certain that we can trust Canada? England? Japan? India? I guess because they're JOOOOOOS they CAN'T be trusted.

    "Perceived nuke program"? Are you blind? The LEADERS THEMSELVES say, to the entire world, that they're building nukes, they want to destroy Israel, they are waiting for the mahdi and the end of the world, and want to start WWIII. Are you THAT blinded by your hate that you can't see that?

    And what about oil prices? As if you don't know, oil comes from the ENEMY countries, like Iran, and Israel isn't the one making you suffer at the gas pump. I guess them wanting to, I don't know, STAY ALIVE is inconvenient for you and your car.

    Maybe you should go live in Israel and see what it's like to hear some crazy guy in Iran say he wants to destroy you and your family. Douchebag.

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    Sometimes you read a question and you have to wonder about those who ask it and those who answer it. Israel has done more secret work for the U.S. than anyone else. Who winds up losing lives everyday in a country that is held back against defending itself by our government. Wake up and realize that the only independent democratic government that sides with us 90% of the time. Are there that many people out there who are anti-Jewish? Do you trust our government? Do you really?

    Source(s): an open minded person
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    ISRAEL and the US's fanatical devotion to them are the reason behind the high oil prices. Every time they make some threatening overtures, the price rises. They need to be neutered. America should not be beholden to Israel; we are our OWN country, let Israel fend for themselves! The Cold War is over, we do not need them to be our proxy anymore.

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    1 decade ago

    US top trade groups already demand an end to oil speculation, but Congress do not act and Media do not report

    "Leading energy experts across the country agree that recent, unprecedented jumps in crude oil prices are due, in large measure, to rampant speculation in the energy commodities markets.”

    “19 of the nation’s top trade associations, consumer groups and labor organizations, the coalition urges “immediate reform in the widely-speculative energy commodity futures markets.”

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    I'm hoping our administration backs off restraining them and allows them to take whatever steps deemed necessary to secure their country.

    They've shown amazing restraint and judgment so far.

  • CRFI
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    1 decade ago

    "Hitler materially destroyed Judaism ,and Zionism spiritually destroyed Judaism."

    Rabbi Leibele Weisfisch ( Z`L).

  • KRR
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    trust but verify

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