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Is it wrong to not hire someone because they stutter? easy 10 points!!?

i finished my interview at mcdonalds, and the lady said

"okay well i still have a couple more interviews left, ill call you at 7 to let you know if you got the job, if i dont it means i picked someone else"

what are the chances of her calling me back? if she really wanted me wouldnt she have just hired me straight away? im 15 and ive applied everywhere, most places want someone with experience, but i finally got a call from mcd's and i think i blew it =( i stutter alot and most of the time the words wouldnt come out...could that be the reason why she didnt hire me? i didnt stammer because i was nervous, i was born with it, i told

im fifteen years old

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    Yes it would be VERY wrong not to hire someone who stutters. But, I have a nephew who can hardly get any words out at all. His parents have done EVERYTHING to help him. Well, a word of encouragement, he learned the computer, he is the BEST. He happens to be top program er for Wallstreet Journal & ended up w/a fantastic job. Sometimes he has to write things down, other times just doesn't say anything at all. But here's a person who really has a BAD problem, but it sure didn't hold him back. See too if you can get interviews in person other than on the phone. This way you can face them, & also don't be afraid to tell them of your disability. That would totally be against the law not to hire you because of your problem. I DO wish you ALL the best...:)

  • Anonymous
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    It would only be wrong if the job position relied HEAVILY on social interaction/verbal skills.. such as a salesman etc

    Micky d's is more the customer relaying to u what they want && you cashing in their money n gettin their food...

    so it all depends on how micky d's views it~~ theres nothing at all wrong with a stutter!!~ noones minds 1.. its jus the matter of getting a job done quickly & efficiently :)

    Best of luk luv

    Kell xx

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    well dont let it get you down if you want help wth your speech

    ask your parents to take you to speech therapist

    it will help you alot

    my sis had the same thing and she went to a speech therapist and it helped out alot and if you dont keep trying things out there your not going to get experience

    keep trying and your efforts will come to you

  • 1 decade ago

    im sure you can work at mcdonalds and stutter. i mean its mcdonalds how hard could it be

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