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what does irareru (japanese word) mean in english?


i think it means it could exist.. is it correct?

i also think it might be: it could be

please help me.

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    I think the "irareru" you are talking about is the passive/potential form of the verb "iru" (居る).

    "iru" can mean "to be", "to exist", "to have" when it is being used on it's on as the main verb in a sentence and not as an auxilary verb.

    So, depending on the context it is be used, "irareru" could mean "could exist", "could be", or "could have".

    There are quite a few verbs in Japanese that are read "iru". It's kinda of hard to tell which one you exactly referring to with out seeing it used in a sentence or seeing how it's is written in kanji.

    You can eliminate some of these other possible words, just because they are conjugated differently that the "iru" I have mentioned above.

    But, there is another "iru" (鋳る) that means "to cast", "to mold" that also has a passive/potential for "irareru". I am going to take a guess after reading the extra information you added that you're not talking about this "iru".


    I am not sure but I don't think that 要られる, or 煎られる would be correct. This is because that even though they are both forms of verbs that are read as "iru" (要る and 煎る), they are conjugated slightly differently from 居る and 鋳る.

    When 鋳る and 居る are conjugated into their masu-forms they become 鋳ます("imasu") and 居ます ("imasu") respectively. But, the other two become 要ります ("irimasu") and 煎ります("irimasu"). 

    I'm pretty sure that the potential forms of 要る and 煎る are 要れる ("ireru") and 煎れる ("ireru") and not 要られる ("irareru") and 煎られる("irareru").

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    Japanese Potential Form

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    it could also be "can put inside" such as inside a box or other object


    this is why kanji is so important in Japanese because then you know for sure which meaning of the word it is. also, if there is no kanji, if you post the whole sentence (or more), then we can guess which meaning of the word by context.

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    like he said above could means tons of things but the most common is it can exist or it could be. 居られる

    others in the order of common use:

    can need 要られる

    can fry 煎られる

    can cast (iron) 鋳られる

    can shoot 射られる

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