final glad beast deck R/F?

fusions - 4

GB gyzarus x3

GB heraklinos

monsters - 20

GB darius x2

GB hoplomus x2

GB laquari x2

GB bestiari x3

GB murmillo x2

GB secutor


test tiger x3

neo spacian grand mole

E hero prisma x2

morphing jar

spells - 12

heavy storm


gladiator proving ground


cold wave x3

monster reborn

premature burial

book of moon x2

swords of revealing light

traps - 8

solemn judgment x3

waboku x3

mirror force

torrential tribute

side deck - 15

light imprisoning mirror x3

shadow imprisoning mirror x3

dust tornado x2

forced back x2

enemy controller x2

exiled force x2

trap dustshoot

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    -2 murmillo (1 is more than enough)

    -1 hoplomus (he's more low-impact now, but is good for smashing ground diversions)

    -1 secutor (with prisma and darius, he's practically a dead draw waiting to happen)

    -3 cold wave (i'm sure you'd like to play spells, too, wouldn't you? i still find this to be better chilling in the side of a monarch deck)

    -1 swords (pointless aside from drawing out msts and heavies, and still not worth it)

    -3 waboku (too low-impact right now)

    +1 chaos/dark neos

    +1 magma/grand neos

    +1 sanwitch

    +1 stratos (good turn 1 play)

    +2 d.d. crow (amazing)

    +1 reinforcement of the army/e-emergency call (you'd like to get your heroes)

    +1 gladiator beast proving ground (so you don't always waste your tigers setting up gyz/herk)

    +1 smashing ground (free destruction)

    +1 brain control (good for mirrors and taking big hitters for game)

    +2 bottomless trap hole (mini torrential with built-in crow)

    +1 trap dustshoot (amazing)

    +1 mind crush (amazing's little brother)

    now i'm going to re-do your side, if that's ok

    1 SImp

    1 LImp

    2 rescue cat

    2 n-s d panther

    2 legendary jiu-jitsu master

    1 ehren, lightsworn monk

    2 twister

    2 shield crush

    2 cold wave

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