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why do people take wormwood?

I was wondering, why do people take worm wood? and what does it do?

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    Wormwood is a mild hallucinogen, due to the Thujone inside of it, as well as other lesser understood pathways. Historically, it was taken as a medicine to cure all sorts of diseases. If taken for the feelings it invokes, in the form of absinthe, or perhaps just a straight tea, feelings of euphoria often result. My personal experiences with wormwood have given me insights on the world, and increased my creativity. Ive smoked it, drank it as a tea, had it as a tincture, and in the form of Absinthe. Honestly, I cant say that it is worth it more than once or twice to know what you are missing. These are all fairly nasty, and since you are most likely an American, Absinthe is going to be hard to find, and if you do find it, probably wont be real or active enough. You can order wormwood from on line (roman wormwood is the proper kind) and make a tea. Unfortunately the wormwood is very bitter. If you are looking to feel something along these lines, Id suggest trying morning glories instead, much stronger, easier to ingest, more obvious, nicer. In the herbal world there are thousands of herbs that are stronger and easier to use than wormwood. Go to to read up on any herb and see peoples experiences with them.

    WARNING: Taking hallucinogens, or any other drugs, can be dangerous. Don't take them at parties, don't leave your house, don't go to Disney world. People who take them and go out and do things like that are asking for trouble. Not only is it socially and legally unacceptable, but it makes you like a child and unable to react to changes around you properly. For beginners, and usually experienced people you should have a sitter who watches you to make sure you don't do anything stupid.

    Source(s): Ive taken hundreds of herbs, and chemicals, many unheard of in America. I seriously doubt there are many people who have more knowledge or understanding of psychoactive substances. My experience is both professional, and user based, so you get both sides of the spectrum.
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