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Betta Help?

Today, an idea just came to me. I was at home depot and I passed the rain gutter section. I looked at the kind that you place on the edge of your roof that have the open tops and then the thought came to me, Betta tank.

I have some ideas to adjust it so it would be suitable for a betta though, obviously I wouldn't just fill a rain gutter with water and expect a betta to live in it.

First, I would cut a long strip it into 4 pieces, then use 4 of the curved pieces to attach them to make a square.

Each piece is only about 4 in tall and 4 in wide. Would a betta be comfortable in these surroundings?

I know what everyone is thinking, heating and filtration. For this I would take two of those 10 gallon clear bins with the blue lids that you can store almost anything in and stick them on opposite sides of the "aquarium". I would put a filter and heater in one of them, and leave the other one filled with water. Then I would cut the gutter and the bins so they would connect. I would connect...


…them using a 100% non-toxic sealant.

I know how bettas don’t like fast flowing water, so they can avoid this section and swim in the other 10-gallon or gutter.

For substrate I would just use the left over 40 pounds of pool filter sand I have left over from using it on my actual 10-gallon aquarium. I would only use a ¼ - ½ inch layer of sand in the gutters but a 2-inch layer in the bins.

Obviously lighting this thing would cost me a sh!t load so I just wouldn’t. It will be in an area that gets natural light, not directly in front of a window though. Therefore, the only plants I would consider growing are java moss and fern, unless you have any other suggestions?

I thought that this would be a waste for one betta though. So I thought of some tank mate possibilities. I definitely want a school of corydoras because I love looking at them from the top. The only other fish would be a school of cardinal or neon tetras. What do you think? I want your opinions, and sorry for the length!!!

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    Wow! I'm impressed you've given this alot of thought. Send me a pic if you ever do it. I don't see this as a loss of a Betta if it doesn't work.

    If I were a Betta I would say..... "Sure would be better to be in your 4x4 surroundings... than have somebody win me at a carnival and swallow me."

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    that sounds awesome!!!

    it would make for a great centre peice of a room, you could spice of the "DIY look" with decorations and what not.

    i wish i could visualize the sizing better.

    but i like the idea of cory doras on the bottom, they are my favourite fish!

    you could mix in some fancy tail guppies for colour, and you can use any low light water plants really, it would add some nice colour as well.

    overall, sounds like a cool project! i wish i could see the finished product!

    Source(s): marine biology student
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