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Jordan asked in PetsFish · 1 decade ago

Betta Help? (Again:p)?

Today, an idea just came to me. I was at home depot and I passed the rain gutter section. I looked at the kind that you place on the edge of your roof that have the open tops and then the thought came to me, Betta tank.

I have some ideas to adjust it so it would be suitable for a betta though, obviously I wouldn't just fill a rain gutter with water and expect a betta to live in it.

First, I would cut a long strip it into 4 pieces, then use 4 of the curved pieces to attach them to make a square.

Each piece is only about 4 in tall and 4 in wide. Would a betta be comfortable in these surroundings?

I know what everyone is thinking, heating and filtration. For this I would take two of those 10-gallon clear bins with the blue lids that you can store almost anything in and stick them on opposite sides of the "aquarium". I would put a filter and heater in one of them, and leave the other one filled with water. Then I would cut the gutter and the bins so they would connect. I would connect...


…them using a 100% non-toxic sealant.

I know how bettas don’t like fast flowing water, so they can avoid this section and swim in the other 10-gallon or gutter.

For substrate I would just use the left over 40 pounds of pool filter sand I have left over from using it on my actual 10-gallon aquarium. I would only use a ¼ - ½ inch layer of sand in the gutters but a 2-inch layer in the bins.

Obviously lighting this thing would cost me a sh!t load so I just wouldn’t. It will be in an area that gets natural light, not directly in front of a window though. Therefore, the only plants I would consider growing are java moss and fern, unless you have any other suggestions?

I thought that this would be a waste for one betta though. So I thought of some tank mate possibilities. I definitely want a school of corydoras because I love looking at them from the top. The only other fish would be a school of cardinal or neon tetras. What do you think? I want your opinions, and sorry for the length!!!

Update 2:

Also, I think this “aquarium” is kind of sounding a bit ugly, can anyone think of any ideas to make it look nicer?

Update 3:

Fish Guy - No, I meant that the gutters are 4 inches tall and wide, but there would still be the 10 gallon bins for it to travel in.

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    I kind of got lost in your idea and how you would connect it and something about sand(?!), but I don't think a betta would even really try or want to swim in something that is only 4 inches tall, high, etc. Maybe you could get pieces that are a little bit taller than that and do this idea, but since bettas don't prefer fast-flowing water, they wouldn't even swim in the other tank, so the whole tube thing would be useless anyway right? I don't know, it just seems like a lot of work to just "test out" and it might not even work. If you try it, I suggest getting pieces that are taller than that for the betta and other fish to swim through. Hope that helps. Sorry and good luck!

    Source(s): Me and my 6 bettas :)
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    I think it is a good idea, except when you said each piece is only 4 in. tall did you mean the tank is that tall, because if it is a betta WOULD NOT survive, it's way too short.

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    Thats an essay long, too much to read lolz, anyway, 10 gallons very big for betta, they used to live in soiled water, thus they can live in a poor environment. Strong filter is not recommended, it can easily absorb its fin.

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