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Eulogy for Virginia... 10 years and its still like yesterday. comments on form and cadence please?

Eulogy for Virginia

In the eye of this minds memory

there floats a boat

churning bottom

trailing silver threads

of a numbing northern water

in its wake

I watch the little waves

leap to embrace the baited line


like inexplicable friendships

smoldering now inside memories mind

grief still ravenous like your death.


Virginia was a woman the same age as me. We grew up parellel to each but never met until we were in our fifties. Our families had close connections all our lives and when we met I learned that had she married one of my best childhood friends.She and her husband took me fishing. This was a regular excursion taht no one ( not even their children) had ever been invited on until Virginia and I met.... so it was pretty special. She and I became friends quickly ...she was dead the following year. Meeting and getting to know Virginia was like finding the final link in a golden generational chain that had begun with our grandparents. Tripping over a treasure but in our case it was more like a mirage.

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    The emotion in this poem is very evident - I like how the poem is one continuous sentence, summing up such grief in one breath. I know it must be very difficult for you to even write a poem like that...who was Virginia? Your sister/mother/daughter?

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