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i have abec 3 bearings and i want to get them spinning faster?

they have these ghetto plastic wheels which i will replace, but the bearing hardly spins, my cousin says i have to work them in, but i want some other opinions. when i spin them they go for like 2 seconds.

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    Well I have abec 3 to yeah your cousins right but a way to make go faster is looseing the bolts and giving your bearings a little more space and make sure theres nno dirt lodged in them. You could also ask your local skateshop for more help or google it.

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    If you bearings are plastic then you will NEVER get them to spin better so I would recommend getting Bone Reds 17$ at skate shops and BetterSkateboarding Wheels (check online) they are the hardest wheels you can get and they roll very fast and smooth and wont flat spot. You will be very happy if you make the investment.

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    Loosen the bolts

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    u can get some bearing oil 4 it but i would recomend these bearings

    1.bones reds $20.00

    2.bones swiss $40.00

    3.bones swiss ceramics $80.00

    4.lucky bearings

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