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Jordan asked in PetsFish · 1 decade ago

I know it's long and I have asked it 3 times before, but will you please answer it? 10 points to best?!?

Today, an idea just came to me. I was at home depot and I passed the rain gutter section. I looked at the kind that you place on the edge of your roof that have the open tops and then the thought came to me, Betta tank.

I have some ideas to adjust it so it would be suitable for a betta though, obviously I wouldn't just fill a rain gutter with water and expect a betta to live in it.

First, I would cut a long strip it into 4 pieces, then use 4 of the curved pieces to attach them to make a square.

Each piece is only about 4 in tall and 4 in wide. Would a betta be comfortable in these surroundings?

I know what everyone is thinking, heating and filtration. For this I would take two of those 10-gallon clear bins with the blue lids that you can store almost anything in and stick them on opposite sides of the "aquarium". I would put a filter and heater in one of them, and leave the other one filled with water. Then I would cut the gutter and the bins so they would connect. I would connect...


…them using a 100% non-toxic sealant.

I know how bettas don’t like fast flowing water, so they can avoid this section and swim in the other 10-gallon or gutter.

For substrate I would just use the left over 40 pounds of pool filter sand I have left over from using it on my actual 10-gallon aquarium. I would only use a ¼ - ½ inch layer of sand in the gutters but a 2-inch layer in the bins.

Obviously lighting this thing would cost me a sh!t load so I just wouldn’t. It will be in an area that gets natural light, not directly in front of a window though. Therefore, the only plants I would consider growing are java moss and fern, unless you have any other suggestions?

I thought that this would be a waste for one betta though. So I thought of some tank mate possibilities. I definitely want a school of corydoras because I love looking at them from the top. The only other fish would be a school of cardinal or neon tetras. What do you think? I want your opinions, and sorry for the length!!!

Update 2:

Also, I think this “aquarium” is kind of sounding a bit ugly, can anyone think of any ideas to make it look nicer?

Update 3:

Aleasha - Did you not even read the part about the 2 ten gallon bins? How is about 30 gallons not enough for a betta and a couple other fish!?

Update 4:

For those who think I should just buy a tank - I already have many tanks, I'm getting kind of sick of the classic-style tank. I wanted to try this for a neat DIY project and for a change!

Update 5:

Cc woman - The dimensions are about 4"x4" roughly.

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    What a crazy and neat idea. What are the dimensions of the rain gutter? If the gutter is also metal, I don't know if it will leech any harmful substances into the water or not, but I do know they have a plastic or vinyl type gutter out there somewhere. If you want to make it look more attractive I would try painting the outside. You could also put a few small little decos here and there along it. I think it might be fine for a betta to swim in, don't know about the cory's though. I would say try it with the betta first and see how it goes. And for those who are complaining about filtration and heat, doesn't he already tell you that there will be some. I can actually picture this in my mind, and it WILL BE CHEAPER than buying a 10 gallon starter kit. If you like to build things and want to spend your free time on it why not. It's not like you are asking everyone else to help you. I like DIY projects, and I have seen many neat ideas. Who knows, maybe you could sell your invention to a fish place and they can build ones from plexiglass and sell them. :) Good luck!!!

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    This is not appropriate housing for a betta. An ideal environment for the Betta is a well-filtered aquarium that holds a steady temperature of between 75° and 86°F. Though the Betta is often sold in small bowls in department stores, for best care, Betta splendens should be kept singly in aquariums of at least 3 gallons. It also prefers a variety of hiding places amongst the foliage of freshwater plants.

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    Why would you spend so much time and money on such a tiny, and ugly setting for a Betta? Just buy 10 gallon tank kit. It'll be cheaper, look better, and the Betta will be much happier with much more than 4 inches of depth to swim in.

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    This sounds like you have put a lot of thought into it. Betas in stores are held in very small bowls, but that is only for show so they cant hide, they like uncrowded spaces so your gutter idea may be a little small for a beta. You should probably stick with a regular tank with a factory made filter. Betas also dont like heated water, its bad for them, only tropical fish like heated water. Try a guppy for this idea also without a heater

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    sounds like a lotta work. Also the only way to see the fish would be by looking down at them, as the rain gutter is not clear. Are yo ulooking to br creative or add decoration to your home?

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    Clear plastic tubes to connect between your tanks instead of gutter. It would look really cool whent he fish swims through it. Just a thought. I can't keep a fish alive, that's why I have cats instead (harder to kill).

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    I sounds fine to me I had a friend that kept a fish in a plastic tub I don't think it would hurt anything you could build a box to keep your set up in to make it look nicer though.

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    i've had an idea like that. you know those glass bowl sinks. well take on of those and build a glass box to the right dimensions under it and on top but leave a space in the back for an opening and those sorts of things. then they was swim under the bowl as you wash your hands.

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    Ummm it sounds cheeper and safer to just buy a betta aquarium. They have betta kits at petco that include everything ( even the betta) for 15 dollars!

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    i cannot picture this at all.

    I think if you like the Idea, GO FOR IT!!! :-)

    it sounds like you know what you want, and you have a plan.

    just, try not to tell the whole world you're breaking the rules, or someone will report you, even though you just want feedback.

    Good luck with the project! :-)

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