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Haven't got my period in 5 months!?

I have had my period for about a year, and suddenly it stopped. Its been 5 months and still nothing has happened. I know that i'm not pregnant, is there a reason why this is happening? And is there anything that i can do to make it come quicker?

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    Each woman is diff. don't worry hun your not abnormal. Our periods go in step with our own bodies, our own behaviors and our own hormones. None of us are 100% the same so don't worry if your friends are more regular than you.

    A few reasons your periods may be late, heavy or just missing altogeahter:

    1. Your exerise. The more athletic you are the less you have periods.

    2. Your weight contributes, if your very over weight they come far and few between

    3. Hormons are going nuts

    And other reasons I can't think of off hand. There is nothing you can do to make them come quicker persay, but getting on birth control does regulate your periods. They will come like clock work. Even if your not sexual active you can still take the pill. Talk to your mom about it hun and try not to worry to much I am sure you are fine.

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    If you've just started having your period, it's possibly that your body and hormone levels have not leveled out yet which would explain why you're missing your cycles monthly.

    Relax, it will adjust and you'll be right on track.

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    oh honey, please don't worry... your period will be up and down for years to come! in your teenage years your periods mess up so much, trust me

    mine used to stop and start like a broken clock!

    now birth control is going to sort mine out - fingers crossed -...

    but ive been on my period for 2 years... i'm 16, im young - i can relate to this!

    the reason this is happening?... your a hormonal teenager.

    that is the honest reason...

    but please please go to your doctor if your concerned... because worrying will only delay it further... and its best to get a professional opinion!

    please try not to worry... i promise it will all be alright! =)

    Love always xx

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    first off..why in the world would you WANT your period?! it is just a pain anyways

    and second: if the last time you had your period was your first time, its totally normal to have ur 1st period then not have it for 3-6 months

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    Go see your Dr. It could be stress, or hormone levels are off or something else. Only your Dr. can tell you for sure. None of us here are Drs. and therefore cannot diagnos you.

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