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Fun things to do with friends.... PLEASE!!...?

I am having some friends coming to my house and i was wondering if you could give me any ideas of fun things to do?

It about 4 of them.

Please give me a list of funt things to do!!!

Many ideas needed! the answer with most will get .....13 points total!

Thanks !!! :D




... YOu rock!! :D :P

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    Do eachothers hair and make up - take photos.

    watch films, listen to music, watch tv, dance to music, play board games or games such as truth or dare ummm. talk about crushes. Have pizza or popcorn..... or both, sweets etc Perhaps even make cakes depending on what your into. Theres so much to do..... You could even put a swimming pool up if you have one and play in that or play football, camp out in your back garden if there staying over - tell scary stories etc. Theres loads to do. Perhaps take them round to see other friends that live close by. LOTS AND LOTS. lol :)

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  • Anonymous
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    Go for a meal

    Go to a pub/night club (depending how old you are)

    Foam party


    A gig


    Have your friends round to a house and watch films

    Take up a dance class


    Go to the seaside

    Laser quest


    Go to Paris or something on the Eurostar for the day

    Theme parks

    Picnic in a nice park if its hot, have a few drinks (again if you're old enough)

    Play frisbee in a park

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  • Eva
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    4 years ago

    Go on a long car trip ride(to a record store), that way there is still alot of conversations going on. Nothing like a good long converstaions with good friends.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Bike ride down the steepest hill you can find


    Build a raft like Tom Sawyer and float down the river

    Build or fly an ultra light

    Canoe at dawn

    Canoeing downhill (must be attempted on snow before attempting on dirt, and even then dirt is not really recommended)

    Complete a fire walk

    Dune buggy riding

    Feel the wind with a naked bungee jump

    Fencing (the sport, not the act of building one)

    Fly a kite attached to your bike

    Get a tattoo

    Give someone a piggyback ride or vice versa

    Go bushwhacking while blindfolded through the forest with a pal. Make sure you don't bushwhack your pal

    Go four-wheel driving

    Go hang gliding

    Go to a nude beach

    Go to your local scuba diving shop and learn how to dive, go for a dive in the first water you can find

    Heli-hiking, Heli-skiing, Heli-anything

    Hot-air balloon ride

    Ice Climbing



    Land luge

    Learn how to use a compass then go and use your skills

    Make a boat and see if it floats with you in it

    Mountain biking



    Play Frisbee at night

    Play underwater hockey

    Practice stilt walking

    Quit your job because it sucks

    Ride a horse bareback

    Ride a horse on the beach

    Ride a tandem bike

    Rock climbing

    Rock skiing (that's downhill skiing without snow)

    Sandboarding (snowboarding on sand)

    Sea kayaking

    Ski/golf/sail all in one day


    Try to break a world record


    Whitewater canoeing

    Whitewater rafting

    Act out a play with costumes and make up


    go to the park

    watch a movie

    anything! =]

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    1 decade ago

    -buy a chocolate fountain with strawberries and marshmallows yum!

    -put loads of cushions down in front of the tv and get some god d.v.d's

    -play truth or dare and get some secrets out of them ?

    -scare the life out of them when they arrive for ur own entertainment purpose

    -cook a big vanilla cake mmmmmm!

    -play poker! if ur older make it strip poker.

    -go out to the cinemas ?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well ! try fr sum games like darkroom !

    do something v.difff like wen i m visited by ma friends

    v sit n direct an imaginary movie make sum characters out of it

    distribute da rolls n than action !

    try fr sum fitness challenges !

    hide their shoes ! throw dem n make a football out of it !

    fight ! make freaky hairstyles !

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    have a scavenger hunt!! make teams of two and what you have to do is make a list and go to your neighbors houses and say do u have a sharpie or something. or play like hide and seek or give eachother makeovers like paint eachothers nails do hair and make up. or u could make up dances. do karokee um play outside go to the park or prank call. hope i help! xoxo KeNnA

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  • 1 decade ago

    lets see

    music, make videos, take pics, movie, pool(if u have one), manhunt, spin the bottle(in less its all 1 gender), truth or dare, snack time, play sports, scavenger hunt, water balloon fights, water gun fights, trampoline(if u have 1), Thats really all we can think of Good Luck....Hope we helped!!!

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  • 5 years ago

    Get blazed as **** mate

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