Who is your favorite actor and why? What was your favorite role they played?

My two are Johnny Depp and Cate Blanchet. I love how you watch something they are in and they are able to actually become the character. Very few actors are really able to do that. I forget that I'm watching them as actors. Big difference from great actors like Denzel, Tom Hanks and Robert Deniro. Don't get me wrong they are brilliant actors but I'm always aware I'm watching them act.

My favorite Johnny Depp role was from What's Eating Gilbert Grape & of course Capt. Jack Sparrow.

Cate Blanchet was amazing in the Aviator.

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    But she failed pretty badly in Indiana Jones,

    I like Clooney, Crowe and Will Smith, they do a lot of subtle things but they're all type cast, I guess if its profitable... Robert Downey Jnr and Depp are awesome at becoming characters, actually I think Brad Pitts pretty good at it too, and Jim Carrey when hes not being a tard

  • 1 decade ago

    Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow and Patrick Dempsey as Dr. Sheppard.

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    I love Kenneth Branagh in Hamlet. Johnny Depp in any roll. Tom Cruise nailed the roll of Lestat. But I also love the old greats, Laurence Olivier, Katherine Hepburn, Orson Wells just to name a very few

  • I love Johnny Depp as an actor because he's played so many different roles and pulled them off marvellously, like...

    Willy Wonka

    Edward Scissorhands

    Sweeney Todd

    Jack Sparrow

    JM Barrie in Finding Neverland

    etc. I guess my favourite role would be Jack Sparrow ...everyone loves him! :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Johnny Deep I would have to agree- Favorite of his Benny and Joon and Sleepy Hollow

    Female Actress- Liv Tyler- I loved her in Lord of the Rings and Armagedon

  • 1 decade ago

    Denzel Washington.(in any movie)

    Cate Blanchet.(main roles like :Elizabeth)

  • 1 decade ago

    I've answered this particular question several times and my answer hasn't changed yet...

    Favorite actor - Nicolas Cage (I loved him in all the action movies like Con-Air, Face-Off and The Rock but my favorite by Cage has to be City of Angels w/ Meg Ryan)

    Favorite actress - Charlize Theron (I just love, love, love her in Monster. She transformed herself into this viral woman and, like you mentioned above, I totally forgot I was watching her and became totally engrossed in the character.)

    Source(s): -MY 2 CENTS-
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    1 decade ago

    Tom Hanks. Good actor and a good man. Forrest Gump and Green Mile two of his best.

  • 1 decade ago

    Angelina Jolie.

    Girl, Interrupted.

  • 1 decade ago


    but id have to say orlando bloom ! hes soooo cute

    and his accent just makes me melt . My favorite movie

    hes in is pirates of the carabien ( dont know how to spell

    haha ) but he was hottest in elizabth town :)

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