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I made a terrible mistake, although i belive i deserved it , can someone help me ? i cant take this anymore =[

Well me and my girlfriend were 9 months together

all these 9 months we both made mistakes and forgave each other

till someday i was fed up and i told her to break up

i didnt ment it though i just wanted her to be a lil bit sad and think about her mistakes, so she would be better next time, then i would take her back :'(

She asked me to be her boyfriend again and i refused seems that now she is datin another person and

she loves him ='[

while my heart is being stabed by 1000 knives

If there is any way i could take her back

i would do it with any cost

Please if someone experienced can help me?


i just realized that i am deeply attached with tht girl

and i just cant live without her :"(

i know i told things i hate

but i have her so many chances that she told me they were the last ones...and now she doesnt gives me the last one i ask her

Please help me out

they are not togteher for a long time

so if there is anyting i can do i would like to know it

honest answers pls

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    You can never go back to the way things were.With hindsight, you would have played things differently,ok, but its too late.All you can do is learn from this, and not make the same mistakes again.and again. Although it feels really sh8tty,you just have to pick yourself up,dust yourself off, and get on with your life. There will be other girls, Even tho rite now it seems like you are the only one who ever felt this bad, the same thing is happening all around you, all the time, to lots and lots of people. They get over it, and so will you, I promise! By all means, have a bit of a rant or a cry, thats only natural,and to be expected.Get it OUT of your system, and move on.She seems to have done. Girls always bloody do quicker than Lads for some reason. Keep your dignity, put a brave face on it, and remember, nobody likes a whiner! Good Luck,I m sure you'll be fine.

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    Honestly, I think you should let go because you must have really hurt her. You can't treat your girlfriend the one that you "love" like that. I think you've probably learned something from this experience and so move on. When she is done with her now-boyfriend than try to get back with her.. Tell her that you were out of line for doing what you did and that you are truly sorry.

    Goodluck... Every mistake is a learning experience.. But sometimes when you make the same mistake too many times its fatal.

    Goodluck again .. Im sorry for being negative.

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    not realy theres reasons u fought and broke up with her and the fact u both were destructive *fighting is normaly but * just hurting eachother emotionaly for no real purpose sept u are hurt is a bad thing show some tolernce ure not ready for a serious realtionship like that anyway, ure probaly what 17-19? if that even nuff said shes not the one ull be with for ever and i know its hard and it never gets any easier i know how it feels but its your own fault. try being more selfless in life learn to live alone if u want a realtionship to work you realy have to beable to depend on yourself before anyone will beable to depend on u or ull beable to take the abuse of a realtionship so try getting over her nothing u can do anything u could do with her would be wrong unless she leave the guy and says she wants to be with you again it would never work!

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    You made a really big mistake...

    My ex did the same.. broke up with me and was planning to take me back but when I tried he refused because it was all part of his plan to make me realise how much he meant to me.. After I tried and he shot me down I thought "Why the hell am I gonna stick around and wait for this guy when he obviously doesn't want me back"

    So I moved on and started dating someone else and as soon as he found out he begged and begged for me back...

    Now why the hell would we want to be with someone that plays games with us huh?

    I suggest you tell her the truth and exactly what you we're going to do and if she doesn't want you back.. then she doesn't want you back so you will have to move on too.

    Source(s): personal exp.
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    I'm not sure, but you are right, it's your fault, if you really love her then you should have accepted her apology and became her boyfriend again. Try to court her again, lower down your pride and see what happens, try to be very careful about your actions cause you can't turn it back once you have done it, try to put yourself in her shoes, and maybe you can figure out the solution for it. And if you can't, I think you got to move on with your life, Life ends up in 3 words "It goes On"

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    AWW DANGIT DUDE! thats not how you handle this situation. my advice is just to tell her how you feel before you never ever see her again. make sure you say it in a sencere voice. but other than that i have to be honest, there might be a good chance that she takes it for what its worth and moves on with her life. but maybe if she still has feelings for you then you two might be reunited-just like song. hopefully it dont turn bad. best of luck

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    Although this sounds incredibly lame, sometimes it's good to write down everything you would want to say to her and how you feel about your future together. It's easier to get it on paper, and by writing a letter you'll be sure to have every point you want to make. I know it's hard to sometimes verbally express yourself when so many emotions are involved.

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    See, i've got purely been right here an afternoon yet even i think of you're only slightly jerk, taking benefit of Lily the variety you do. only be a gentleman, like me :D and locate somebody else and safeguard them goddammit!

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    well just try telling her exactly how you feel right now and see how she responds. She might feel the exact same way and is using this guy just to make you jealous or something.

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    If she loves him, sorry, you dumped her, you pay for it now. If you're not convinced she's happy with him, tell her how you feel. You already feel like crap, how much worse can it get even if you get turned down?

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