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Does anyone know roughly what percent Hebrew the Amhara People of Ethiopia are by blood?

It is well known that the Amhara People are closely intertwined with the Ethiopian Jew, or Beta Jew; or Falasha, and Wikipidia marks this link -- yet not even my father can tell me to what "Fraction" the Amhara are, "Pure Hebrew"; by Blood.

I can't imagine who would be an authority in this matter; my relative is an Amhara elder, and, does not bend his mind overly on the question!

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    Since its probable some of the Falasha may have converted to Ethiopian Christianity modern European and Oriental Jews would share certain genetic markers.

    DNA testing would be the best way to work it out.

    This "fraction" would vary to individual to individual so working out an average would require testing a large sample group?

    A population genetics specialist could tell you?

    You might want to try reposting this question over in Anthropology or Biology?

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    Well to begin with, Hebrew is a language, not a blood type.

    And how can one determine the percentage of a language of an entire people? I'm not sure I understand the question?

    Are the Germans a certain percentage Teutonic/Hun/goths?

    Are the British a certain breakdown of Pict/Jute/Saxon/French/Gaelic?

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