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Which place in Toronto Canada is known as little Pakistan?

Pakistani immigrants settlement place in Toronto

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    Pakistanis popular destination for settlement in Toronto Canada is Thorncliffe Park dr and it is known as "Little Pakistan"

    Pakistani immigrants are living in majority as a close knitted community such as Thorncliffe Park dr in Toronto.

    You can easily find number of halal grocery stores to buy halal meet in Thorncliffe park dr. Shan, Ahmad and Laziza masala powder are available in wide variety of range that you might not even find in Pakistan some time.

    A mosque to pray five times is on walking distance, Don Valley community park on walking distance to arrange BBQ outdoors activities.

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    The area near the intersection of Coxwell Avenue and Gerrard Street East is commonly called Little Pakistan.

    Google map:

    This area has the greatest concentration of ethnic stores and restaurants, as well as all the people living in the area. Legal outlets/lawyers/immigration consultants and others offering specialized services are all around this area.

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