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how can ig et my sugar glider to let me hold him.?

ive had my sugar glider for 2 years. i play with him a little everyday( when i get off vacation im gonna play with him for at least an hour a day). he wont let me hold him hell bite my fingers. i can touch him, but not hold him, i would like to hold him,but........HOW

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    First of all Gliders don`t like to be held like a dog. They like to climb on you or sit in your hand. You need to spend a lot more time with him. At least 2 hours everyday so he will bond with you. They love humans but you need to commit to the time. Get a bonding pouch and use it. Get a small piece of fleece, wear it next to your skin for several hours then put it in his sleeping pouch. He will learn what you small like. Use bribes, meal worms, yogurt on your finger etc. You have gone 2 years without bonding so you may need to do extra work. Good luck!

    There are many good sites out there with people that will help. You just need to look

    Annette (USDA breeder)

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    Maybe you could teach him that when he is held he gets peanuts... or food, or whatever they eat. If he bites you, take the food away. If he keeps getting this ingrained into his brain he might start to realize that good things happen when he is held. Just a guess. I don't know much about this as I have only seen a sugar glider one time in my life. Don't they look sorta like chipmunks?

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    well you know sugerglidders, they are very ..well they need alot of attention wether its good or bad, kinda like a french poodle, haha just kidding bout the poodle, i was looking on line one time for a sugerglider and i read something like this...

    well all i know is that when wanting to hold you glidder put him into a pouch or like a big sock so he feels safe, hold him for a little that way , or you can get some fruits, (not sure witch are best) and let him take them from you while in the sock to know you care, then kinda do this day by day and once in ahile take him out of the sock slowly and pet him softly while he has his fruit,

    This is all i got hahaha,

    Good Luck, God Bless!!


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    Start bribing him to let u hold him, stick some food to your hand and have him eat itoff your hand-after he begins to get used to eating out of your hand begin petting him as he eats, this could take a while, but it might work--anywy,eventually he might let u pick him up and hold him!!!!:)

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