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I'll make an outfit for the first 5 people...?

Please just fill this in:



State/ Province

Style (e.g. preppy, skater, vintage...)

Body Type (e.g. hourglass, athletic, pear-shaped, etc)

Favorite Stores

Least Favorite Stores

Favorite Colors

Least Favorite Colors

*Anything else I should know*

Update 3:

For Erin in Wisconsin:

Try these (sort of bright, 80's) jeans:

With this kinda preppy top

or you could do these jeans:

with this polo( in orange or green)

with this kinda sporty, zip up hoodie in black or white

Update 5:

For Fred in California:

try these jeans:

with this boho top ( in blue or white)

or this sundress

with black sandals

I'm not sure, but you may like this top with red it's cute w/ leggings or on it's own

Update 6:

Sorry guys, I took the first 5 that gave me info. I'm too tired now, but maybe I'll do some more later...

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    washington state

    indie rock


    guess,express,bebe,levis,urban outfitters,nordies and target!

    no a&f,ae,buckle,forever 21



    going to a wedding this saturday and-- no outfit yet--!!! and no short dresses.

  • Anonymous
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    Y!A Princess



    trendy casual


    Forever21, Wet Seal, Roxy, Nordstrom

    Abercrombie, Hollister

    blue, pink


  • Anonymous
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    State/ Province: California

    Style (e.g. preppy, skater, vintage...) preppy

    Body Type (e.g. hourglass, athletic, pear-shaped, etc) slim with a butt :)

    Favorite Stores: charlotte russe,Wet seal.

    Least Favorite Stores: none

    Favorite Colors: Pink,Black,white,red beige,teal

    Least Favorite Colors:brown

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    Arjelle C. Leonardo


    Abu Dhabi,UAE(other country)



    studio r. Urban Outfitters


    Pink,Violet,Light blue


    I like to go shopping

    I like to dress up

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    straight and skinny

    Wet Seal, Forever 21

    Limited Too, GAP

    blue, yellow, red, pink

    green, orange

    I love the beach! I also LOVE sunsets

  • Name: Alice

    Age: 20

    State/ Province: Ontario

    Style (e.g. preppy, skater, vintage...): rocker/vintage/indie

    Body Type (e.g. hourglass, athletic, pear-shaped, etc): skinny but with big hips/butt

    Favorite Stores: west 49, boat house, d-tox, SOME ae

    Least Favorite Stores: the other half of the ae clothes lol (anything that actually says american eagle on it i dont like), hollister etc

    Favorite Colors: green, purple, white

    Least Favorite Colors: pale colours.

    *Anything else I should know*: I have a rocker look but not emo.

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    asia prado



    skater and emo

    umm im not sure but im a 5 in pants in juniors

    umm hot topic,pacsun,and anchorblue

    uhh american appareal

    hot pink black blue purple red and grey

    orange yellow and brown

  • =]
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    Name: Carrie

    Age: 14

    State/ Province: New York!

    Style (e.g. preppy, skater, vintage...) um American Eagle~ish

    Body Type (e.g. hourglass, athletic, pear-shaped, etc): curvy

    Favorite Stores: American Eagle,Forever 21, Delias

    Least Favorite Stores: Abercrombie

    Favorite Colors: greens and blues

    Least Favorite Colors: pinks and purples



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    not preppy but not emo. in between.


    anchor blue, tillys


    blue, teal, truqouise

    red, pink

    please help me.

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    1 decade ago

    umm.............I'm the 6th person

    but I'll answer anyway

    you dont have to make one for me if you dont want to =)

    Name: Emma

    Age: 15

    State/ Province: Georgia

    Style (e.g. preppy, skater, vintage...) - preppy, with sporty

    Body Type (e.g. hourglass, athletic, pear-shaped, etc) - slender, and athletic

    Favorite Stores - hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie, Delias, Forever 21

    Least Favorite Stores - Hot Topic

    Favorite Colors - baby blue, blue, pink, red, purple, white

    Least Favorite Colors - yellow, and orange

    *Anything else I should know* - no shorts, mini skirts, or revealing tops

    Thanx sooo much =)

    I LOVE it

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