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Bare Minerals question?

Okay for everybody who has Bare Minerals, I have a question :3

My mom gave me all of her makeup, but she didn't give me the book!

So the powder that says "Foundation" That goes on first right? With the big brush? How do I know if it's on right?

Also what's the "Face color" for?

Help! =/

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    start with foundation by taking the biggest brush and tapping just a little foundation into the lid. then swirl that brush in the lid until most of the makeup in the lid is in the brush then tap off the brush twice on the side of the lide and buff on the foundation in circular motions starting from the cheeks area out onto the rest of the face. repeat until you are happy with the coverage. you should know that it is on right if everything is blended and you look natural and you feel like you have covered all that you wanted covered and evened out. the face color is a complexion that you use over foundation. enhancer so take the same brush and apply it the same way but only apply it on your cheeks forhead and nose and dont use too much just blend everyhting together nicely. and always remember swirl, tap, and buff and less is more. i hope this helps good luck. let me know if you have any more questions i have been using bareminerals for 6 years and i know almost everything there is to know about bare minerls/bare escentulas :)

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    Yes, the foundation goes on first and you put it on with the biggest brush. you swirl the brush in the pot and then you tap it to get all the excess off. then you apply to your face in a sweeping motion. you can repeat this to get the level of coverage you want. the face color can be used as blush or like a bronzer all over the face, neck, and chest area. probably has a video if you're a more visual learner! plus i'll bet if you go to the bare minerals counter they'll show you how to use it! good luck! hope you enjoy your bare minerals!

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    The BareEscentuals site has a lot of great tips for application of their product. I'd go over there and look it over-

    The general order, depending on what you have, should be the Skin Rev'r upper, Foundation (all-over), Foundation (on areas that need a bit more- zits, etc), Face Color (it's basically a blush), Clear Radiance, and Mineral Veil.

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