free family guy episodes online??

what is a good website with a lot of free family guy episodes?

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    1 decade ago
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    go to u could watch every episode and movies that r in theaters

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    1 decade ago

    If you wanna get them on iTunes so you can like watch them on your iPod or whatever, I can help.


    I'm not sure where you can directly get them, but you can always just go to the magical place called YouTube and whatever episode you want, copy and paste the URL (from the URL BAR at the top of the page not from the side "embed" nonsense it has next to the video) of that certain video in to the blank space on this site:

    And click "download" to the right of it.

    Just a little bit below the place where you pasted the URL code there should be a grey bar that says "download" inside of it, and underneath that grey bar should be one, usually two, and sometimes three different file types.

    The best type is usually the .mp4 file, so what you do now is, you have a PC (-which are such bad computers, if you do have a PC, please get rid of it and find a Mac quick; they're more expensive to buy in the first place but in the long run they last years and years more and they're so much easier and always forever virus free-), then right click on the "Download" part of the file line that says:

    ›› Download ‹‹ (.mp4 - High Quality)

    And it should download. Then you can just put it in iTunes or wherever.

    But if you have a Mac, (Bless your soul if you do!) you have to press alt/option then click on that same file line on the "Download" portion.

    Sorry if this is confusing or too much information; I'm just trying to make sure you don't get messed up or stuck doing so.

    And it sounds like it requires a lot of time, but really, once you see what I'm talking about, it should only take maybe one minute for each episode-video you upload on that site.

    If I didn't help, but you think I could, or if I did but you're confused - understandable, obviously - then just feel free to e-mail me.

    Bye, you! :]

    Source(s): I figured it out a while ago, while trying to get a Lewis Black comedy tour to download for free too. And I found the site! :D
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    4 years ago

    ummm.... well most websites with episodes online like your looking for are illegal lol. but you may find some episodes online on Family Guys networks website like TBS ect. also if you have DVR you could try one of the 500 channels and usually TBS ondemand(not actual channel, you will have to find the channel name that carries TBS shows like Entertainment on demand carries Comedy Central shows) has some family guy episodes. i strongly recommend you avoid googling Free Family Guy Episodes Online... you will most likely be taken to a site with illegal videos on it, and/or you may get a virus/bug. all else fails go to Block Buster and rent an entire season for 3$ :)

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    I would suggest it's a high quality, not cheesy site wtih all sorts of shows, Family Guy included. All free!

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  • 1 decade ago

    download utorrent at then after finishing the download visit isohunt.comand look for family guy episodes .. they will probably be availible in seasons not seperate episodes... and at isohunt you can download anything... if you need help operating utorrent email me or im me godsmack12831 aim-&-yohoo im

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    1 decade ago

    Legal - (has some episode, but might had some ads you has to wach it)

    Illegal - Torrents, youtube.

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    1 decade ago

    But that's not working very well.

    Just go on Google and search for "Watch Famiyl Guy online" And have a look around there's loads.

  • 1 decade ago

    just go to the channel it plays on it should have episodes on there page or you can try youtubing it

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    1 decade ago

    is anyone happy for the Cleveland Show spinoff ???

    I AM

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