Access hidden files on the computer?

Hi, I had a few problems with my computer and ended up getting a new hard drive, because the computer wouldn't start up. Now all my users disappeared so I had to make a new one. The computer seems brand new now, no programs are installed, no documents, no pictures, no settings, no favorites. Nothing! Well, it's there, but I can't access it. I searched for my files and found them using "search" on my computer. They seem to be hidden and read-only, and I can't open them. I tried all the standard methods of getting those files to open, like right-click-properties-unclick read-only and hidden. I also tried tools-folder options-show hidden files, none of this works. I also tried to change some settings in the start-up menu and the properties of the computer. I am out of idea's now, someone please help!


how do I check/change permission levels on files?

Update 2:

I have XP, and the old hard drive is still there, so all the files are THERE, I just can't get them :( and I didn't have any back ups

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    If the files show up in search (probably on D:) why do they seem to be hidden and read only? If you rightclick a file, properties, does it say so?

    Try a rightclick, Open containing folder. Or you can even drag the found files straight from the Search pane into your current My Documents.

    Your old document files should come across just fine. Old programs need to be reinstalled fresh.

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    This might be your solution. From my understanding, you installed a new hard drive with the operating system on the new hard drive. I suppose you have the old hard drive connected as a slave drive so you can access the files but the computer won't let you.

    Doubleclick on My Computer from your desktop. On the tools menu, scroll down to folder options. Go to the view tab and scroll all the way to the bottom. Uncheck "Use simple file sharing" Hit OK button so the change gets saved. Now go to the old hard drive and right click on any folder you want to access. Hit the Sharing and Security section.

    Under the security tab, have your administrator account highlighted or whatever user account you're currently logged on as, and there should be an option to take ownership of the folder and everything inside it. Once you check the things you want and hit ok, you should be able to access your old files.

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    When changing to a new hard drive please get an external hard drive and download all your files first. I think you have to include your favourites somehow but the way I did it was to copy my favourites to my documents folder and anything else that I wanted to keep. What did you do with the old hard drive? did you keep it if so you can probably connect it up to the computer and copy to your computer all the things that you want to keep what about all your proggrammes did you have some CDs or DVDs or floppies and what windows have you got. I have just changed to XP it's good and faster. hope this helps.

    Source(s): well I had help as well and the internet is good for help as well
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    You might want to check permission levels on the files that you are trying to access.

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