What do you do if your first date went great, but somehow in the end it was also a failure?

Well I recently met this girl at my friend's bday party. I've actually met her several times before, but we exchanged phone numbers at the party. Eventually we went out on our first date, which went phenomenally, a nice dinner then we went back to her place to watch a comedy. we even took a walk along the beach, then kissed goodnight. Overall it was perfect. We both agreed we had a great time. I tried calling her 2 days later, but she didn't pick up. I then emailed her letting her know what a wonderful time i had and that I'd like to do it again. She replied back that even though she also had a great time, she felt as though she cant date for a while and that she's still trying to get passed her previous relationship. This came as a shock to me. I really did enjoy every moment together and it felt as though we could make a real meaningful relationship. What should I do? Should I try staying friends with her and take it slow? Or does it sound like she doesnt want any relationship?

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    1 decade ago
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    I think you should definitely stick around and up for her too. SHe may need a friend to help her out. Just be more caution and always not with her, it'll make you sound desperate. GL.

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