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Peppermint tea and Flatulence?

I've just discovered the wonderful taste of peppermint tea, but about the same time as I started drinking it daily, I also developed uncontrollable farting. Very stinky farts too. All day long. I read that peppermint is used to relieve flatulence and bloating ( ) by relaxing muscles in my digestive tract and allowing the gases in there pass out, but would it actually increase farting just to get rid of those gases? Or is it something else that is making me fart so much suddenly?


@missem: Yes, I can vouch for the calmative effect. The taste is fresh and clean, and as a tea, the warmth is soothing. I feel relaxed drinking it. But probably the wrong thing to serve at one of your more refined tea parties, he.

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    Yes its the peppermint tea.... i'm a nurse and we give it to patients especially women after gynaecologcial surgery to relieve gas and abdominal bloating, not tea just peppermint water, its sold for medicinal relieves gas because of its calmative effect...whatever the hell that means!!

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    Tea For Flatulence

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    Peppermint tea does not cure flatulence. There is nothing that cures flatulence. Flatulence is a NORMAL byproduct of digestion. In my residency, an attending surgeon used to say "if you don't fart you die." (he would also say "if you don't #%$@ (poop) you die) now if you have excessive flatulence due to a digestive condition, there are medications you can take depending on the digestive disorder. None of these include peppermint tea.

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