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where can i find lime green skinny jeans in ontario?

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    Hi there!!

    To find these, you pretty much have to shop "in person" and see what you can find. Try "Garage"; thay have stores in several cities:

    You may consider ordering from the 'states. If the origin of the pant is "product of the USA", you won't have to pay duty (because of free trade). The CDN dollar is still almost on par with the US dollar, too. Just call or email the customer service of the retailers below to find out the origin of the product:

    Here's a neat twill pant from TRIPP NYC at Karmaloop:

    Here's a bunch of stretch jeans from Tripp at Angry, Young & Poor:

    The Tripp products would be worth looking into; they're probably product of the USA. The only down side is that you can't try these on before you order; check the retailer's "return policy" before you order. Good luck!!

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    Don't know. But I bet you can find a McDonalds, eat a ****load of Double-Quarter Pounders and then you'll fit fine in regular "green jeans"?

    That help?

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