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Help my internet is going crazy?

Yesterday, I went to three sites that never had popups. My sister and I went out for dinner so I left it on and came back I turn on the monitor. I saw pop ups saying " your computer might have anti virus" I clicked x but guess what my internet went crazy. And that damn ads keep pop upping. I turn off the computer and turn it on again later. computer seem fine but when I press internet, it was very slow and weird pop ups including anti virus coming out. I typed jesus in google and wikipedia came out. My sis deleted files so internet was working a bit better than before but pop up came out and went to back to mental state

That's the story and now I want to know what **** wrong with the computer and whether my sis and I can fix ourselves and is that virus or spyware tracked our history as in our purchases in internet. My dad does investments on internet. Please I need to know if we have to cancel our credit cards!!!!

Any help is needed.


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    Spyware infection! Not a virus!

    I recommend that you install:

    Spybot-Search & Destroy


    These two (2) applications have proven their worth in spyware protection; and best of all they're both free and signature updated regularly. SpyBot will search and destroy malwares already installed in your computer. Spyblaster will block malware installation while you are browsing the net using IE, Firefox and other browsers.

    If you are using Windows XP, try System Restore first by picking a Restore Point PRIOR to this incident. System Restore will replace the system's applications and *.dlls supplanted by the malware. To open System Restore click Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools>>System Restore. Or view this article for more information on how to go about System Restore:

    If the System Restore fails, do the following:

    1. Update your antivirus and antispyware definition databases.

    2. Disable your System Restore, clean up all Temporary and Recycle Bins. Use ATF-Cleaner from , or use CCleaner from

    3. Boot to Safe Mode, [To Boot to Safe Mode: reboot computer, press F8, choose Safe Mode, login as default Administrator] then run your anti-virus. Clean/Quarantine when necessary.

    4. In Safe Mode, also scan for spyware, or malwares using Spybot-Search & Destroy

    Also try HijackThis!


    Once installed, click on "Do a system scan only" but if you want a log, click on the first button "Do a system scan and save a logfile" When the scan is finished, look for lines which have {file is missing} or {missing file}, especially .dll. Click to check box, the click "Fix checked".

    For CCleaner

    This is a portable version, just extract, then click on CCleaner.exe. Click on Registry which should bring you to Registry Integrity. Click on Registry Integrity which would remove all the checkmarks for the selection below, then select "Missing Shared DLLs, Application, Application Paths, Installer, Obsolete Software" Then click on "Scan for Issues" button below. This should clear up the non-existent direct link libraries.

    Click Tools, then under the Programs to Remove, choose the program, click "Run Uninstaller" at the right

    You should run both antivirus and antispyware in Safe Mode. Running only anti-virus application will not necessarily protect you from spywares or malwares; and the vice versa is also true. So to be on the safe side, RUN BOTH.

    CCleaner doesn't delete viruses and spywares, it only cleans the system of registry entries no longer active or found in the physical directory. So no amount of running CCleaner a thousand times, it will just return the same status, and what you are only cleaning are traces of MRUs, and recent document links.

    Be sure that you have enabled your Firewall. If this same computer is used for purchases, a firewall should be turned on.

    For a first breach of malware, no need to cancel credit cards, but if your card billings are enormously large unlike before after this malware attack then that's the time to cancel them. Better yet, report in writing to the credit card bank that your computer have been attacked by malware, so that they would also be aware for any eventuality, such as fraudalent use of your CC account or something.

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    When you do anti spyware, virus and malware scans, you should do them in "safe mode". Then a follow up scan in regular mode.

    Restart your computer in safe mode with networking, and do a scan with this online scanner, delete anything it finds.

    Then restart your computer to regular mode and do the scan again, after that you will probably be just fine.

    Also if you were smart you would never use credit cards over the internet, use the telephone for such transactions, there is no absolute security on the internet. That is the information hackers just love to find.

    Windows logs everything, and those logs are very difficult to get rid of, (or even find) and for the general computer user, they next to impossible to get rid of. Personal, banking and credit card information on a computer is a hackers dream come true.

    Source(s): Microsoft Certified
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  • Woody
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    Since you and your Dad do financial transactions on this PC, I would recommend a format and clean install of Windows. Change all your passwords. Notify your banks, etc.

    Sure, the spyware / virus can probably be removed, but you can never be 100% sure all is gone.

    Be safe. Reinstall.

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  • 6 years ago

    Ccleaner is one of the best program to clean up your pc. It's free and it works like a charm.

    Download it from here:

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  • 1 decade ago

    get a pop up blocker DUHH

    gosh why cant you just download antivir free trial.

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