Help !!!!!! Accessing Comstar Platinum External Hard Drive?

OS: Win XP Pro

External Hard drive: Comstar Platinum One touch 500 GB

Bought in June, 2008 worked fine until two weeks ago. I turned off my computer for the night, turned it on in the morning and the drive icon DIDN"T show up, the drivers, etc are all there and windows tells me they are operating fine.

I have already spoken with Technicians in the Future Shop where I bought this piece of...., and they were absolutely of no help...other than wanting to replace the hard drive ... which is out of the question. (I have 5 years of work stored in that HD, Personal, legal and business) and MUST find a way to retrieve it. (Will not make personal comments about their support or policies.) grrrrrrrr.

I have spoken to Teckie types and tried several suggestions ... none helped so far.

PLEASE ... I'm desperate, and would appreciate any expertise. AND, if someone knows of an inexpensive recovery program. The data is all there, it was not deleted. I

Simply cannot unlock the door.

Anxious in

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    I did a quick search on google and found your other post at ocforums. I also did a search and found what the back of the unit looks like. Two screws appear to hold the unit together.

    Unscrew the screws and do as the other poster suggested and add the drive (internally) to your system. Do you now see a drive letter associated with the drive?

    Other than this, you could try an linux live cd such as knoppix or ubuntu and see what you find. Ultimately, you may need to be prepared to pay a large sum of money if the drive has catastrophically failed.

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  • orazio
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    3 years ago

    Comstar External Hard Drive

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