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things to say to turn my guy on?

what are some things i can say in person to turn my guy on with out being to obvious about it??

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    Talking to him real close and wispering in his air

    touch him lightly (it has explosive reactions)

    say basically anything but wisper it in his ear, just glide your fingers up his neck and wisper something in his ear. As long as you don't talk about gross subjects (like zits, WWII, etc) you should be fine

    maybe sit on his lap if you want to

    wear tight skinny jeans and a cami or shirt with a push up bra. Don't be slutty just sexy.

    Bend over letting the top of your breasts show

    Get up and say you are going to take a shower take about 3 steps toward the bathroom turn back around when his face drops and go "Do you want to join me?"- he'll follow you if you do that

    wear a sexy good smelling perfume

    Give a sexy dance or lapdance( if you dont know how dance anyway. he will still like it. Put on a song like Naughty Girl by Beyonce or Promise By Ciara. You Know guys like to hear them so you cant go wrong)

    JUst be flirtatoious and be yourself

    have fun and btw your so pretty this shouldn't be a problem you could probably walk into a room and turn him on...


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    Don't worry, just be obvious! Most of us guys are usually horny anyways so just be straight up. It'll save the both of you a lot of time to get better things done! If you know what I mean!

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    There are actually a lot of different things you can do, you can try just whispering something in his ear, or talk about something related to that subject, it'll be fairly easy if he gets the point, BUT some guys are different, first of all, just figure out what he goes for.

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    personally i think subtlety is lost on most guys so if you want to turn him on you pretty much need to be moderately obvious =p that said, guys like their egoes stroked so just look at him and then ask him if he's been working out ;) or, if he's wearing something nice, compliment him on his shirt and then touch his arm while ostensibly commenting on the feel of the fabric =D

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    you gotta say let me suck your wiener

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