Is the human resources trend towards pleasing the youth based on a myth?

There seems to be a lot of fear by corporations that with the aging baby boomers there will be this massive worker shortage when they retire.

Is this all hype?

And are they raising the expectations of young people entering the job market that they are more valuable than the gen-xers / baby boomers before it's necessary and causing more dissatisfaction with ALL age groups?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, there is concern to please them but there is also frustration. The new folks entering really have a need to be spoon fed a lot. I have not had this happen to me but I have peers that have had parents call wanting to know why their son/daughter was not hired. Whereas a normal person would be horrified if this happened to them, these guys think nothing of it - afterall, this is the generation that has no losers...everyone gets a trophy.

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