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Do religious organizations have to provide transportaion for service dogs?

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    If the organization is also in the business of transporting members of the public for non-religious purposes.

    For example, I think that if we were talking about a bus taking church members to a church retreat at a church owned and operated camp that they would still be exempt.

    But if we were talking about a church group that offers transportation to the poor or disabled, regardless of whether they are members of that church either as a service or for a fee, then I think they would lose their exemption.

    But if you want to know for sure, call the U.S. Department of Justice and ask their technical assistance specialists. The call is free.

    800 - 514 - 0301 (voice)

    800 - 514 - 0383 (TTY)

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  • 1 decade ago

    It would depend on what the transportation was for. Service dogs do not have to be accommodated in churches and other places of worship, and so their may be some ways in which it would not have to be provided. But, if a religious organisation was providing services to the poor, and especially if they are recieving any government funding then yes they would, providing it is reasonable to do so. They still have the right to refuse the dog if it misbehaves, and to ask if the person is disabled, and what tasks the dog has been trained to perfrom. They cannot ask about a persons disability, but they can ask what tasks the dog performs.

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  • BCP
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    If you are providing transportation for the person who needs the dog then yes you need to also allow the service dog to come along.

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