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Hi i am 19 live in Ohio near Cleveland and read up about air traffic controllers, this job is very interesting to me and want some thoughts/advice on it. is it hard day to day to do what you do? do you know of any schools in ohio that would train me? what exactly would be involved schooling wise before i could become one and start making all that money? and would i be able to choose where i work like say stay in ohio?

thank you in advance, im trying to find a career choice so any replys would help me.


no really? ive already looked at the website.

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    Since you've been to the FAA wite and don't want to do the off the street route I'd check out the Community College of Beaver County which is near Pittsburgh and get an associates in ATC. It'll get you right in to the FAA's hiring stream. You'll take your normal general courses, english and such but you'll also train either as a tower / approach controller or en route controller. To stay in the Cleveland area I'd go for en route as Cleveland en route center is much larger than CLE tower. What you train in has no bearing on where you go mind you, but thats just a heads up. Best you'll be able to do is say Ohio only.

    School both at CCBC, the academy and your facility will be difficult. All ATCs have to be able to memorize a massive amount of information and much more so for en route controllers than terminal. The hard part is getting to where you're OK with doing it by yourself on a day to day basis. Think of it as a steep uphill climb.

    Just remember in the back of your mind the money coment. If you get a small tower and stay there you might never make more than 50,000 a year. Pay is very much altered by how busy yoru facility is. Don't go in to this job for the money.

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  • 1 decade ago

    go on web site---

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