What exaclty is Zionism? What is your view of it?

Ive heard the word Zionism/Zionists thrown about every now and then but I dont really know what it means to be a Zionist.

What are there views? What is the approximate proportion of them i.e. percentage?

How related is it to being Jewish i.e. are most Jews Zionists or can one be a Zionist without being Jewish?

And what are your views on it all...

Not meaning to be offensive or anything at all but just trying to understand what it all is.

Thanks be to thee :)


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Update 2:

Day tripper: Is that all that is required? To believe in Israel's right to exist? But ive heard of people referring to Zionism as a conspiracy or something that is very influential in politics i.e. in US...

Update 3:

FYI: Im not giving thumbs up or down...I just want info :)

Oh and is it reasonable to think that a religion which is only 0.22% big (adherents.com) could take over the world?

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    Zionism is nothing more or less than the right of the Jewish people to the homeland of Israel.

    It is no more racist or bigoted or sinister for the Jewish nation people to want a homeland in peace among all the other countries of the world than it is for ANY other people to want their nation people living in peace.

    Every people is entitled to a fair hearing. Every people. That must even include people you do not like!! It must even include Jews and our Jewish national movement - Zionism. Unfortunately Zionism has become a kind of cuss-word, not just in the dens of Al-Qaeda and remote Sheikhdoms where women can't vote, but in Europe and in the USA and in the UN, in the media and on the Web.

    It is one thing to disagree with policies of the Israeli government, which may undoubtedly be disagreeable at times. It is quite another thing when that criticism stems from an ideology that denies the Jewish people the right to national self-determination. That is a form of racism. Unfortunately, it is a "permitted" and politically correct form of racism. No other country has been singled out for this treatment, no matter what their policies. The Chinese have plundered Tibet and oppressed the Tibetan people, but nobody says that the Chinese do not have a right to a country. The Turks repressed the Kurds and the Armenians. Nobody said that Turkey is an apartheid racist colonialist warmonger state. The examples are endless. Only Israel, of all countries, is singled out for this sort of treatment

    Anti-Zionism challenges the Jewish people to explain why we too have a right to exist - as good a right as the Palestinians or the Iranians or the Americans or the Germans.

    Source(s): http://www.zionism-israel.com/issues/ please read this to help you understand
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    Belief that the Jewish State of Israel has a right to exist.


    In a nutshell that's what Zionism is.....it's the Arab world that claims that Zionism is some sort of "conspiracy" and that Zionists commit all sort of "atrocities." Really if you think about it being a Zionist is just being a Patriot to your country of Israel.


    So check out what this guy writes

    "Zionists are those who believe in the reinstitution of a homeland for Jews in Palestine. They kill, murder and rape mercilessly for a piece of land. I'm not a hateful person but they are the only ones I can say I "hate" from the bottom of my heart."

    You see how they are sooo brainwashed! I mean they have such unbridled HATE towards us. This guy is the reason we will never have peace; they let their hate just consume them so that no matter what has happened/ is happening/ will happen nothing will ever change their minds.

    Then they pass that all-consuming hate to their children who in turn also pass in along and it will just continue....very very sad


    And your point about the US; well really the U.S is of the few countries that sees the situation in the Middle East for the truth and supports Israel for it.

    Also "reasonable" isn't the right word. It's LAUGHABLE that people think that the Jews are going to or trying to take over the world. It's actually a real conspiracy theory called "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" where they believe that we are plotting some huge scheme.

    Antisemitism is just as prevalent today as it ever was.



    I don't need to "look on youtube" for some Pallywooded, biased video on how 'awful those Zionists are.' I lived in Israel for a number of years and had the pleasure of visiting Gush Gatif in Gaza before in was given to the Palestinians and turned into a barren wasteland for breeding terrorists. While I was there over the Sabbath, no less than FOUR mortars came down on the village!! FOUR MORTARS!! No one was bothering any of the Arabs yet for some reason they were launching mortars at us!! DONT FOR A SECOND SIT BACK AND PRETEND THAT THE PALESTINIANS ARE GUILT FREE!!

    Israel NEVER TARGETS civilians; Palestinians use their children, women and elders as HUMAN SHIELDS so that they can smear their blood all over the news with accusations that the Israelis MURDERED THEM!! The Palestinians murder their OWN people!

    The Palestinians on the other hand fire mortars into civilian town just to kill CIVILIANS! Maybe instead of watching youtube you should actually go there and see the situation for yourself and maybe (highly doubtful) you'll see how it REALLY is.


    You don't want peace, you just want pity and you'll play victim as long as the UN, the media and the world let you.

    Source(s): American Jew born in Israel
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    Zionism is the belief that the Jewish homeland is in the Biblical Land of Israel.

    In the modern day, it exists in two forms: Secular Zionism and Religious Zionism.

    Secular Zionism is a political movement to establish and maintain the secular State of Israel as a homeland for people who identify as jews. It has some of its roots in socialism and marxism (see the kibbutz movement)

    Religious Zionism is the belief that the Land of Israel is the God given homeland of the Jews and one day, when the Messiah comes, the Kingdom of Israel, under Torah law, will be re-established and the Temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem.

    If you will, secular zionism is an active political strategy while religious zionism is a passive, faith-based strategy.

    Others have used the term Zionism as a code word in anti-Jew oriented hate speech claiming that Zionism is a racially separatist movement that practices apartheid and genocide. Of course, a simple cursory examination of the facts proves exactly the opposite, ie that it is those who accuse 'zionists' of these atrocities are the one guilty of them. Yet, it hasn't stopped the Arabs, many europeans and others from continuing to claim these lies and, in fact, the UN holds regular Israel-bashing international forums under the heading of 'Human Rights'. If it was so insidiously evil, it would be funny.

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    A Zionist is a follower of the political movement of Zionism &mdahs; the effort to support and establish, or continue to support, the state of Israel. In parts of the Old Testament, or Torah, both Jerusalem and Israel are referred to as Zion. Zionism, the idea of providing an independent Jewish nation, began in the 19th century with the writings of journalists like Theodor Herzl. However, the idea that the state of Israel belongs to the Jewish people dates well before that. Judaism was born in the area now known as Israel and, as a result, Jews dating well before the common era (CE) claim Israel as their home.

    Though Zionists have religious support for this contention, rooted primarily in the Torah, the Zionist movement was more political than religious. In fact, many of the people who fought for the establishment of a Jewish homeland were not particularly religious. Their primary goal was to end Jewish exile from their ancestral home, and so they identified more with the concept of a Jewish nation rather than the religion. The movement however, especially post Holocaust, caught fire and led to Israel's establishment in 1948. Early migrations to Palestine (the name of the area before 1948) were small compared to approximately 630,000 Jews who migrated en masse in 1947.

    The term Zionist can refer to non-Jewish supporters of Israel as well. For instance, the governments of the United States and United Kingdom have supported Israel. Many people, especially after the Holocaust felt that the establishment of a Jewish state was a just and right cause. After witnessing the horrors and mass executions, many sympathized with the cause for a Jewish homeland.

    Much goes back to the way the Jews in exile had been moved from place to place for over two millenia, often against their will. They encountered discrimination in virtually every place they settled, including Egypt, Greece, medieval Europe, and 20th century Russia and Eastern Europe, where just being Jewish was cause for discrimination.

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    Zionism is the doctrine that Israel has the right to exist. Almost all Jews and almost all Israelis are Zionists (naturally), although there exist Zionists that are neither.

    I am a Zionist for example, even though I am neither a Jew nor an Israeli.

    My views of it? I support Zionism and I am a Zionist myself.

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  • Political Zionism, the idea that a Jewish homeland was crucially needed, began in the violent anti-Semitism following the French Revolution (1789). In short, all of the changes in French society that occurred were blamed on a Jewish-Masonic conspiracy (there are no ties between the groups) and the anger of those whose lives were changed was directed towards Jewish people.

    One of the many changes was that Jews were granted French citizenship. As populist thinking spread across Europe, Jews were also granted citizenship in Germany. In both countries, this caused even further backlash. By the end of that century, both were plagued by violent, popular and irrational anti-Semitism. In 1895, after hearing mass rallies of Parisians chanting 'Death to the Jews', Theodor Herzl realized that Europe wasn't safe for Jews, and perhaps never would be.

    The rights of citizenship proved to be ineffective in protecting Jewish lives.

    Consider how recent that was historically. We like to think that anti-Semitism is from a dark long ago. We like to think that Hitler was a one-off whose charismatic monomania convinced nations to follow him.

    Neither are the case. Anti-Semitism has never left us. Herzl forsaw the Holocaust; if he had been allowed to act on that vision in 1917, some of the 6 million killed would have had an escape. History has amply proven that Jews MUST have a land whose borders won't be closed to us when it happens again.

    Zionism is that realization.

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    There were many reasons for modern Zionism, none of which were religious. Read "A Zionist Idea" by Arthur Hertzberg for an overall view of modern Zionism.


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    One does not have to be a Jew or a Christian to be a Zionist. As I understand it a Zionist believes that the Jewish people have a right to live in their own land, Zion, which is where Jerusalem is situated.

    I think they would argue that they have a right to rule their own land too, not just live there.

    I'm a Christian and I believe that they should be able to live in and rule their own land, but justly.

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    Zionism is the belief in a Jewish state- first I don't beleive it has any importance to bibical prophicies. next I believe that it has done nothing but provide a target for people who hate Jews. I don't beleive it is the last hope for the Jewish people since I live next to a couple of synogouges neither of which have ever been attacked- andthis tends to be the rule rather than the exception in the United States- so Americans value free religion and expression. then next they the US is a bit insaine in regards to Isreal as we supply both them and their enemies and looking at events in other parts of the world I feel we need to cut off the saudis and other Mideastern countries on the basis of Human rights.

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    Zionism describes the right of Jews to have Israel as their homeland.

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