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Whats your favorite band in the whole wide universe?

I need some new choices in music. I dont know too many artists so let me have em : ) Thanks

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    I love Rooney and Muse.

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    The White Stripes


    Kings of Leon

    Flamboyant Bella


    Vampire Weekend

    Smashing Pumpkins

    My Chemical Romance

    The Subways

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    i will always and forever love HANSON! their 2007 release "the walk" is such great music with amazing heart behind it. although i DO love the days of mmmbop and this time around, this album is fantastic, and they've grown so much, both musically and physically! (like they've finally gone through puberty haha)

    also, i'm really digging jason mraz right now. i'm addicted to the song details in the fabric (ft. james morrison) and i can't get it out of my head. it's from the new album "we sing. we dance. we steal things." and it makes my world go round.

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    and KoRn and DevilDriver and Lacuna Coil and Marilyn Manson and Born of Osiris and Cradle of Filth and Children of Bodom and Meshuggah and Static X and Fear Factory and Apocalyptica and.... you get where I'm going with this

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    well its a three way tie between



    The Photo Atlas

    the photo atlas is a small band out of denver so if you like em tell your friends about them and help rally support please :D

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    don't have one but the band closest to my heart is the band that holds the members that are also in my heart

    Lamb To The Slaughter.. local pasadena band

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    depends on what u into, i like the clash and joy division, jimi hendrix, loads more,

  • the red hot chili peppers!! XD

  • uh the beatles! i like u2 and the rolling stones as well! and simon & garfunkel. i could go on...

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