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Rate my pokemon team!?

I started over on pokemon emerald.i got 7 badges right now.

lv.39 Tentacruel nature=sassy

hp=124 a=75 d=70 sp.a=75 sp.d=110 s=81

ice beam,barrier,acid,surf

lv.38 Camerupt nature=sassy

hp=115 a=90 d=66 sp.a=95 sp.d=78 s=47

eruption,rock slide,flamethrower,eq

lv.40 Gardevoir nature=timid

hp=115 a=63 d=63 sp.a=112 sp.d=100 s=90

calm mind,thunderbolt,shadowball,pyschic

lv.39 Skarmory nature=timid

hp=116 a=71 d=136 sp.a=42 sp.d=63 s=67

fly,steel wing,aerial ace,agility(getting spikes)

lv.40 Cradily nature=serious

hp=126 a=86 d=94 sp.a=83 sp.d=94 s=54

amnesia,acid,eq,giga drain

lv.40 Heracross

hp=117 a=108 d=73 sp.a=46 sp.d=81 s=85

brick break,fury cutter,strength,counter

On cradily im getting ancient power for acid.also on tentacruel i am getting sludge bomb for acid.last i need a gud move set for my heracross.thanks.


well....ive battled everyone there is to battle and ive also battled all the people in the gyms..but i have about 40 other pokemon in the pc that i trained on the other trainers that r all around level 35.and pikachus suck.

Update 2:

also is there any gud move sets for heracross??

Update 3:

i have a raichu at level 35 and it didnt do to gud.i posted a question a long time ago about wat moves to give it and out of all the post 7/10 people said the same move set.quick attack,iron tail,thunderbolt and dig.

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    you have 7 badges, and your pkmn are barely in the 40's?


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  • Ok. on the orther question you posted i diddnt see how many badges you said you had.


    2.You need better pokemon exept for gardevoir

    3.get rid of skarmory

    4.question why did you pick those pokemon you should have kept your starter pokemon grass,water,fire then all that is left is physic,ground,and whatever additional pokemon you want to add.Pikachu does not suc you just have to train it right and when it evolves it could beat all your pokemon (no offense)just keep training and i thought there was eight gyms.

    Tip-Go to the pokemon league and beat it over and over again and soon you will have really strong pokemon.

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    seriously i was playing that game a while ago. I have 7 badges also but my pokemon are all at least level 50. except my Gyarados its at level 71.

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  • Anonymous
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    tentacruel - Higher level 7/10

    Camerupt - Higher level 6/10

    Gardevoir - change calm mind 7/10

    Skarmory - Higher level 7/10

    Cradily - change amnesia 7/10

    Heracross - 9/10

    overall - 8/10

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  • 1 decade ago

    You suck, I have all level 50 pikachus and all the badges, you get an F for you suck

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    no starter pokemon? just train more and only give skarmory spikes if you're gonna be sending it over to diamond or pearl for wifi battles.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    get rid of EVERYTHING besides gardevior.

    and train a lot more. youre going to start losing a LOT soon

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