I am almost 41 weeks pregnant.....?

On monday I went into my OBGYN office where she performed a swipe (painful I may add) and she told me that I was 1 cm dilated.......I have heard women going into labor after the swipe, but could some of you kind woman out there give me some advice or past history on your experiences that may help. I have been really uncomfortable for the past few weeks, but ironically I have been feeling great these past few days.

I am scheduled for a Non Stress Test on Friday, as to which the "may" commence an induction (I live in a really big city, and this is the city's best hospital, so naturally very busy), if they decide not to on Friday, I am scheduled for an induction on Tuesday .............. I am so anxious to have my little one..... Should I start to cry at the Non Stress Test.....maybe they will admit me sooner!!!

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    I had a sweep done at 11:30 am and had my first contraction (that I felt) at 4pm and gave birth at 8:30pm...all in the same day! Since it is now Wednesday and you have not had your baby yet your sweep may not have worked as fast as mine did...I mean my midwife was expecting my to deliver 3 or 4 days after the sweep...not the same day lol. So maybe yours will take about 3 or 4 days? ...so possibly tomorrow or Friday...all on your own!

    CONGRATS! :)

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    I am 40W plus 3 days, I went to the Doc on Tuesday (yesterday) I am only 2cm and my Doc tried to do a sweep and we are not sure if it worked. I was too realy uncomfortable these last few weeks and contracting and throwing up and just miserable, its been the last few days that I too have been feeling great these last few days and it confuses me and makes me feel like its never gonna get here. I am to do a stress test on Tuesday after my doc appt and then they will talk about induction. It sucks for me as I have 3 other kids here, and 2 are getting ready to have birthdays one next week and another in 3 weeks. I too have tried to think of ways to convience them to admit me asap, but they are not budging. My doc told me to look up online Bishop Score and read as to why he cant rush this due to my progress on my cervix, which makes since now. I am now worried about so many things like maybe the baby is trying to come down but the head is to big and the baby cant make any more progress so what if that leads me to c section, or what happens if I just cant dialate any more since I been at 2 cm for the last 2 weeks. I am a paranoia with this one and so worried with it being my last that I will endwith c section. I try to cope with being over due by thinking its another day closer to getting my period back, not having that baby in my belly, waking up throughout the night, etc. So it helps me to enjoy this time I have left. Especially with thinking that tomorrow I might not be pregnant anymore, which makes me a little sad, but you never know. Good luck to you I hope it all goes well.

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    Don't worry I gave birth at 34 weeks and my son is fine a little small i feed him every two hours at birth and now every 4 hours. your baby is fine if not you Dr. would have sent you to the hospital like me. I was 3 cm. and fully affixed. then my water broke. 15 hours later and another c-section and my husband was holding our second baby boy.

    you'll be fine.

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    Just let nature take its course. I completely understand how anxious you are to have your baby, but trust me when I say that you and the baby are better off going into labor naturally.

    Best of luck to you.

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    i was at 41 weeks when they induced. i went in for my non stress test and evrything was fine with that but they decided to induce me that day anyway. so it really just depends on your doc!!!! your little one will be here soon enough.

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