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What would be the cheapest way to travel from Thunder Bay, Canada to Chicago, illinois?

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    Either car or train since Thunderbay would be closer to Chicago. My parents traveled to Canada (Niagra Falls) from Chicago, IL by car in the late 70's and I have an Aunt from Thunderbay, Ontario.

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    There is no passenger train service in Thunder Bay. According to Wikipedia: "Passenger rail service to Thunder Bay ended on 15 January 1990, with the cancellation of VIA Rail Canada's southern transcontinental service.[9] The CPR Union Depot (1910) remains in Fort William, with the CNR station (1905) providing tourism related services in Marina Park." (I know it's Wikipedia, but why would they lie about this?)

    Yes, you could drive, but it's a LOOOOONG drive from Thunder bay to Chicago. You have to go down into MInnesota, all the way around the western edge of Lake Superiour, all the way across the whole of Wisconson and then down into Chicago. Not a fun drive... almost 700 miles and 12 hours of driving. And with gas prices the way they are in the US it could cost a lot.

    Flying is quck but pretty expensive too. As far as I can see, it would cost about $500-plus for a flght from Thunder bay to Chicago. YOu'd get here in about five hours, with a change in Minneapolis.

    The cheapest is the bus. Greyhound charges about $350 for a round trip ticket from Thunder bay to Chicago and back. Better bring a pillow to sit on: the ride takes almost two days to get here with three stops and about a day and a half to get back with only one stop.

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